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Outriders Endgame : One Thing You Need To Know


How is the ‘Outriders’ finale shaping up?

Outriders Endgame : After a few days of serious play, I completed the Outriders storyline and all of its side quests, and have been attempting to get to the endgame despite various server difficulties.

But I’ve done a lot of stuff, and I’ve slain enough foes in Expeditions to earn an award that just 0.4 percent of Xbox players have, so I guess you could say I’m ahead of the game.

As a result, I’d want to comment about the endgame so far, but some of this may alter as time goes on, given the game’s recent technical troubles and the fact that I’m ahead of most people, so player population at my Challenge tiers is…rough.

Without giving anything away about the plot, the grand climax of Outriders unlocks the endgame, giving you access to 14 Expeditions, the 15th of which you must “save up for” by completing the other 14.

Expeditions are essentially more difficult versions of the missions you’ve already completed.

They include conversation at the beginning and finish, indicating that they have a plot element, but that isn’t the main focus.

Unless you return to storey content, World Tiers vanish once you reach Expeditions.

They’ve been replaced by Challenge Tiers, each of which drops different levels of loot and spawns varying levels of opponents.

Because World Tier 15 does not appear to drop 50 level stuff, unless I’m missing something, I believe higher level Challenge Tiers are the only way to gain higher/max gear in the game.

Though you can go back and harvest side objectives for legendaries, and rising World Tier will increase those odds, even if the gear isn’t full level, I’m honestly perplexed about the continuous use of World Tiers in the main storey.

And you may need to raise your WT to equip higher-end Expeditions gear, but I haven’t gotten to that point yet if that is the case.

Expeditions are…extremely difficult, particularly at higher Challenge Tiers.

You can solo them, and I did for the first few, but they spawn more opponents than any campaign objective you’ve ever ran, including numerous bosses at once, so taking on all of that alone is pretty difficult, and ideally, you’ll want to work with a group.

Your goal is to complete the task as quickly as possible, achieving “gold” completion times rather than silver or bronze.

This is done as a DPS check for your current Challenge Tier, as well as to ensure you don’t die too much.

You’ll have to start over if your entire team wipes, but if you want to continue, you’ll get a box of “sad loot” back at the start, which can still be useful.

One of those was where I got my first legendary set gear.

However, you should accomplish the objective in its entirety, as the sooner you do so, the more prizes you’ll receive from a drop pod at the conclusion, which is essentially a gigantic chest.

Trust me when I say there’s a lot of loot and materials.

Drop pod resources are collected and used to unlock the final 15th expedition.

I know some crazy players have previously made it that far, but I haven’t dug into what makes that one unique because I’m guessing it contains tale spoilers.

However, you may use your drop pod resources to buy legendaries from Tiago, which will cost a lot of money but will let you to focus farm for certain gear if the drops aren’t going your way.

However, I’m not sure how often his inventory changes, so it’s possible that by the time you save for one item, it’ll be gone.

It’s not only about random drops and drops alone in the endgame; it’s also about investing in your equipment.

To take on higher challenge tiers, you’ll almost certainly need to upgrade your current gear to its maximum equippable level, as well as create builds that work well with your firearms and talents.

For example, because of its ash/explosive effects, I use Grim Marrow to remove mobs.

However, running level 40 content with it at 36 was causing me problems, so I spent a few hundred Titanium to upgrade it to level 40, and things are much better now.

In addition, rather than investing on overall level, you can invest in individual stat boosts on gear.

It’s pricey, but you’re supposed to keep your favourite equipment and enhance it over time.

This is especially true for rare legendaries, since you might just upgrade them all the way to 50 instead of waiting for a new one to drop at fifty.

In short, unless they’re duplicates, save all of your legendaries for now.

Right now, the primary issue I’m having with the Expeditions endgame is matchmaking.

It’s a complicated system that’s worsened by the game’s continuing server issues and the fact that I’m way ahead of everyone else.

I’ve only launched with a full team of three once in maybe ten Expeditions.

That one went fantastic, but generally the game only provides me one other person, with a 50 percent chance that it will give us a third person midway through the assignment.

However, because we’re under a time limit, this definitely affects our ability to clear swiftly.

I also wish matchmaking would send us right into the action, rather than wasting time waiting around camp while your party leader fiddles with their customizations rather than starting the Expedition.

It’s similar to trying to run the Destiny strike playlist, only you’re transported to the Tower, where one person must manually pick and launch each strike.

So far, I’ve noticed a lot of variety in these. They have every enemy type in the game, as well as a few new ones, particularly bosses, even if they are essentially larger copies of previous bosses (Brood Mother > Brood Empress, for example).

I really enjoyed one Expedition in which the final boss area was a gang of bandits having a rave, complete with pounding techno music playing throughout.

To summarise, I think these could be entertaining, but the procedure for launching them is clumsy, and if you’re expecting something drastically different from the regular campaign, you’ll be disappointed.

There are a few new, tougher foes and a few new objectives, such as “stand on the plate,” but that’s about all.

We’ll see how things progress in the future. For the time being, I’ll probably switch to a Technomancer tale playing till the servers are fixed.

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