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Best Truck Driver Pets


Loneliness on the road is a known problem for most truckers. HMD Trucking, like most other transportation companies, has liberal pet and rider policy. So you can have your pets on the trip. About 40% of truck drivers in the U.S. travel with their pets.

This high number is easy to explain, because pets contribute to the overall well-being and emotional well-being of drivers. But not all pets are comfortable on the road. A pet should fit in well with a trucker’s lifestyle. If you have a desire to take a pet with you on a trip, you need to know how to choose it, how to prepare the car for it and how to take care of it on the road.  

What are the best pets for the road?

When you plan to get a pet to travel with, keep the following points in mind:

The pets most suitable for travel are:

  • Non-aggressive
  • Small
  • Short-haired
  • Low-maintenance

The cabin and sleeping space in a truck are small, and a pet requires its own space. For these reasons, cats and dogs are the most popular choices among drivers. Most cats do not travel well, although they meet the requirements above. They are temperamental and dependent on routines. But there are exceptions to the rule and there are many examples of drivers traveling with their cats. However, dogs are more popular with truckers

How to prepare a truck for a pet

In order for the pet to feel comfortable on the road and not create problems for his owner, you need to prepare the truck.  


  • Remove trash, medications and food items from the truck.
  • Fence off the driver’s seat so the pet doesn’t have access to it while you’re driving. 
  • Organize a place to store your pet’s leash and collar so they are always on hand.  

Items you, should purchase and store in the cockpit:

  • Leash and collar
  • Pet carrier 
  • Disposable toilets for cats
  • Dog waste bags
  • Extra water 
  • Animal food
  • Food and water bowls 
  • Animal bedding and blankets 
  • Pet deodorizer
  • Bones, chew sticks, toys

Once you start traveling with your pet, you’ll quickly become aware of their needs. Consult with your peers about what works for them.

How to take care of a pet on the road

The most important thing is your pet’s safety on the road. Some drivers use a pet harness and seat belt to keep pets from slipping. Others carry their pet in a crate strapped to the seat. You can also train your pet to stay out of the traffic area. No matter which way you choose, the important thing is that you and your pet are always safe.  

Plan regular stops for your pet. This will reduce unpleasant stinking incidents. Such stops are also good for offering your pet water to keep it hydrated. A nice perk of having your pet on the road is extra exercise for you as well.   

Take care of your pet’s safety during stops. If you decide to stay at a hotel, find out in advance if it is pet-friendly. Some hotels charge an additional fee for pets, it is also worth finding out in advance. 


Not only is it possible to carry a pet with you, but some drivers can’t imagine working without them. Traveling together with pets makes driving enjoyable and less monotonous for truckers, reduces loneliness, increases mood, encourages more rest and movement, and even reduces stress levels. By planning ahead, you and your pet can have a successful road trip together.