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How Did Olga Simonova Die? Russian Military Servicewoman Simba Killed

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Simba, a Russian military service member, was killed. On the front lines, a Russian woman was killed on September 13th, 2022, on Tuesday. Let’s discuss more about Olga Simonova death.

In Ukraine’s southern Kherson region, she passed away. According to rumours, Olga Simonova switched her citizenship and nationality from Russia to Ukraine after being influenced by that nation.

The reports state that Olga Simonova joined the 24th Mechanized Brigade as a member of the Ukrainian military.

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Who was Olga Simonova?

Olga Simonova Die
Olga Simonova Die

Olga Simonova was a woman who had switched from being a citizen of Russia to Ukraine. According to sources, Olga Simonova was a young woman of only 34 years old.

She had served in the Ukrainian military after being persuaded by the country’s leadership and ideas. According to some reports, Olga Simonova was born in the Chelyabinsk area of Russia.

She left Russia after the uproar there, which was completely anticipated by Russian President Vladimir Putin‘s decision to annexe Crimea in 2014.

Olga Simonova was relocated to Kyiv after arriving in Ukraine. Olga Simonova began working as a paramedic in the volunteer unit of the Ukrainian Armed Forces after relocating to that country for a while.

Olga Simonova was the first foreign contractor in the Ukrainian military to get Ukrainian citizenship while she was a member of the armed forces.

Olga Simonova eventually attained the rank of sergeant and took command of an infantry fighting vehicle in the 24th Mechanized Brigade. Scroll down to know more about Olga Simonova death.

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Honoring Olga Simonova

Everyone was startled by Olga Simonova’s untimely death, which is a significant loss for the Ukrainian government and armed forces.

Olga Simonova had a great deal of passion for everything. There were times when Olga Simonova cherished her native Russia, but after there was unrest under the Putin administration, she grew dissatisfied with the way the government was governing the nation.

Following Vladimir Putin’s action, Olga Simonova was enraged and had witnessed many things that she was vehemently opposed to.

Olga Simonova’s decision to move to a different nation where she believed the government had handled it well and where she also admired Ukraine’s foreign policy was her largest decision yet.

Olga Simonova will be remembered for her love of Ukraine, a country to which she did not physically belong but to which she had a strong sense of loyalty.

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