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The National Football League is one of the most popular betting players in tournaments, but also the inspiration behind slots at https://22bet.bi/. And this is despite the rather short regular season, 17 weeks, and the short playoffs: the teams sort things out in the confrontation with the elimination in one game. The main event of the entire season is the Super Bowl (championship final), which takes place in early February.


Today we are not talking about terms, but about the fact that betting on the NFL has its own rules and subtleties, and therefore we offer you some advice on this topic from people who have been analyzing bookmaker lines in the NFL for several years, and who knows better about this cuisine. 

Features of NFL Betting

Totals at the Start of the Season

From year to year, at the start of the season, bookmakers make mistakes in terms of setting totals. And more often they underestimate the total by several units from the real numbers. Therefore, it is not surprising that the first 5 weeks in the National Football League with a 60% probability of matches are played for more totals. The odds for the base total are more than 1.90, but you can safely buy several units, if the bookmaker has such an option, and play quotes above 2.00. This will be justified at a distance.

Totals Over the Course of the Season

At the equator of the regular season, bookmakers thoroughly study the style of each team, and the total play becomes more difficult. During this period, bookmakers clearly lay out the range of totals, and it all comes down to 50/50. There is also an overestimation of the defense of the teams, and, as a rule, matches with a total less than 40 are played for more.

Favorite Betting

Another trend is associated with the success of the favorites. So, every year in the regular season, the team with the lower odds wins 7 out of 10 times. But quotes for such clear wins rarely exceed the 1.50 level. In terms of odds, the situation is much more even. So, only in 4 out of 9 matches it is possible to break through the basic handicap. Plus handicaps pass a little more often.

Host Bets

As with any other sport, in American football, the location of the game is more important. Favorite home teams celebrate success 9 out of 10 times. And teams outsiders in their native stands achieve victories in 30% of the games played. Sometimes for one bet on the underdog on such an outcome, you can increase the pot 5 or more times.

Super Bowl Betting

The decisive game of the entire season also has an interesting trend. In the Super Bowl and demo slot games almost every year matches alternate with less total for more total. What is especially interesting is that if they do not reach the basic total, then it is noticeable – points by 7 or more. And if he is interrupted, then also with a significant margin. Therefore, at the finals, you can take a risk and try to play middles (range) with high odds, both for the total more and for the total less.

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