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New York Shooting Manifesto Revealed


If you’ve been watching news headlines lately, you’ve probably heard about the New York shooting that left one dead and two others injured. There are also questions about the suspect’s social media posts, the weapons used, and how he managed to pull off such a mass shooting.

New York Shooting Manifesto Revealed Video of the shooting

A video of the New York shooting was widely shared on social media on Monday. Among other things, it shows how a shooter filmed his rampage during the incident, a barrage of bullets, and a passenger helping an injured one.

The footage was posted on Twitter on Monday, but the video did not appear on Facebook until Friday. While the company did not say what was causing the delays, it said that it is trying to remove content that does not meet its guidelines. It has enacted a policy that will cover footage of “violent attacks,” including the mass shooting, with a warning that it may contain “sensitive material.”

Facebook is also working to remove links to streaming sites. The site has teams working around the clock to clear out accounts and videos associated with the attack. However, it has not responded to questions about how it will handle the Buffalo shooting video, which circulated on Sunday.

Suspect’s social media videos

It’s difficult to determine what the suspect in the Brooklyn subway shooting had to say in his social media videos. But there is one video that seems to show him referencing Meghan Markle.

A spokesman for the New York Attorney General says her office will look into the suspect’s extremist online content. James’ YouTube channel focuses on race and “civil war” issues. He has posted dozens of hateful videos.

The suspect was dressed in a hooded gray sweatshirt, orange and green construction vest and a work helmet. Police sources told USA TODAY that the suspect left behind a hatchet and a U-Haul van key. In addition, a gun store owner said he ran the suspect’s name through the background check system.

In an online diatribe attributed to Gendron, the suspect said he was planning to bring three types of guns. This included an AR-15, a shotgun and a rifle.

Investigators say the suspect was wearing a gas mask and a work helmet. He had a firearm in his car. During the attack, the suspect set off smoke canisters and fired 33 times with a Glock 17 9mm semi-handgun.

Weapons used in the shooting

As New Yorkers begin to recover from the aftermath of the massacre, law enforcement officials are still investigating what weapons were used. At least thirteen guns were recovered from the scene. Whether all of the guns are legal is yet to be determined.

The weapon used by the suspect is believed to be an AR-15, a semi-automatic rifle. This type of gun can only hold a maximum of seven rounds in the rifle at any one time. In addition, New York State has a strict assault weapons ban that requires that rifles have detachable magazines and cannot be designed to resemble military equipment.

While the weapons were confiscated, no specific details about them were released. However, a law enforcement official did say that the shooter viewed YouTube videos that showed how to modify an AR-15 style rifle.

Another gun recovered at the scene was believed to be an AK-47 style rifle. This was a common weapon used in the First Baptist Church Massacre in Texas.

Payton Gendron’s manifesto

Payton Gendron’s manifesto after the New York shooting has been described as a white supremacist document. The alleged writer has said he was motivated by the “Great Replacement” theory, a conspiracy theory which claims that demographic trends are eroding white populations.

A federal official said that Gendron visited white supremacy websites several times. He had also been given a mental health evaluation.

In the document, Gendron wrote that he wanted to kill as many black people as possible. But he did not mention transgender people, LGB people or feminism. Instead, he named-checked other white supremacists.

Some of the material in the document appears to have been plagiarized. For example, there were sections on motivation, attack plans and attack gear. However, the majority of the document is written in antisemitic language.

There were multiple references to the Great Replacement theory, which is gaining popularity among white Americans. The theory states that minorities are taking over the country and will eventually overwhelm the white population.