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Miranda Rae Mayo: Is An American Television Actress


Miranda Rae Mayo: is an American television actress who was born on August 14, 1990.

She played Lacey Briggs in Blood & Oil (2015) and presently plays Firefighter Stella Kidd on Chicago Fire.

Fans of Chicago Fire are concerned that Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) is being written out due to her lack of storyline. However, this is far from the case.

Is Kidd planning to leave Chicago Fire?

In an interview with CarterMatt, Chicago Fire showrunner Derek Haas revealed that the character, who recently passed her lieutenant’s test, is in for a lot of turmoil. For the time being, she is away from the camera, visiting another city to open a new chapter of Girls on Fire, a program she founded and holds dear to her heart.

On Chicago Fire, what happened to Stella?

She has other things going on in her life, Haas explained, specifically, some Girls on Fire related business.

Stella was unable to say goodbye to Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) during the 200th episode of the program, but Spencer stated in an interview with Parade.com and other reporters that he might return to the show—at least for a guest appearance or two.

“With Jesse possibly returning at some point this season,” Haas stated in the same interview, “I’m sure we’ll see a Kidd/Casey scene.”

Because Casey is meant to be Severide’s best man, that scenario could be set at Kidd’s wedding to Severide (Taylor Kinney). Spencer remarked, “How could I not?” when asked by Parade.com if he would return for the wedding.

We’re in the camp that whenever Jesse wants to come and do an episode with us, we’ll move mountains to make that happen,” Haas continued. So we’ve been conversing. We’ve got some ideas, and I think you’ve nailed them in terms of what some of those moments could be.”

Chicago Fire is only five episodes into its tenth season, and with Spencer’s departure from the 200th episode, the show wanted to take the time to flesh out his farewell story, so it rang true.

Now that he’s gone, Kidd’s tale can begin to emerge, which will hopefully encompass both her professional path and her engagement and upcoming wedding to Severide.

But here’s an outlandish idea. There were too many officers in Firehouse 51 when Casey was there, and it appeared like Kidd would have to transfer to another firehouse to serve at her rank. But with Casey’s departure, what if Kidd takes over as commander of Truck 81?

“We’re doing a major storyline over who’s going to be the next commanding officer of Truck 81,” Haas said in the same interview where he discussed Casey’s departure.

I don’t want to spoil anything, but that becomes a storyline through the winter break because there are some shifting chairs within the firehouse,” Haas said.

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