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Mila Kunis Jimmy Kimmel: Hilariously Reacts To Jimmy Kimmel’s NYC Audience’s ‘Symphony Of Boos’


Mila Kunis Jimmy Kimmel: Mila Kunis recently visited “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” when the Los Angeles-based show came to Brooklyn for a week and was met with what Kunis described as a “symphony of boos” when discussing topics specific to New York, such as pizza.

Kimmel was shocked when the actor admitted she’d changed children’s leggings into underwear because she forgot to bring her own panties to the taping, leading him to comment that she looked like a New Yorker. When he clarified that wasn’t true, however, his audience booed her out of the room.

“What? Who booed?” Kunis asked in a clip posted to YouTube Sept. 29. “What’s wrong with your audience? Very New York of you, very New York,” she apologized, noting: “Well, unfortunately you won’t like the rest of this interview either.”

The actor, who was promoting her new Netflix film “Luckiest Girl Alive,” briefly won over the audience by explaining she was born in Ukraine and immigrated to America through New York City. But things took an interesting turn when she said she had her first Coke and hamburger while there; Kimmel then asked if it also included pizza for lunch!

“Are you ready?” Kunis asked the crowd, which booed her once more. “Boy, this audience is something special.”

“My dad delivered pizzas when I was growing up in LA,” Kunis lamented to laughter from those obsessed with pizza: “That’s mean! LA has perfectly fine pizzas!” “LA has perfectly fine pizzas!” was her response to being laughed at by those in attendance.

Kunis hilariously defended herself by screaming, “You know what? I am wearing children’s underwear for you!” However, she quickly lost all of her goodwill after admitting she doesn’t even like pizza – an admission which left many people incredulous.

“Nooo!” Kunis shouted as she attempted to walk away. She’d eaten pizza every day for a year or more – “but it got too much. When our finances were tight, my dad would make us pizza for dinner every night but you can only do so much creatively.” Eventually she decided that enough was enough and kicked the habit altogether.

“Just to get another boo – it was Domino’s pizza,” she quipped to further applause. “This is like a symphony of boos and ahhs.”

Kimmel reported that Ashton Kutcher had gifted her with a pizza oven for their anniversary. She found this ironic since not only does she enjoy pizza, but she also makes them herself!

“My children and husband both like pizza,” Kunis admitted, “but it’s never something I crave – like, ‘You know what I feel like? Pizza.'”

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