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Mike Marcum: The Time Traveler Who Vanished Without a Trace

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In this article, Mike Marcum was a 21-year-old electrician from Missouri who claimed he built a time machine in his backyard in 1995. To power it, he stole six transformers from a power station to create his vortex device which allowed objects to move back or forward in time.

Following arrest for theft, Mike appeared as a guest on Coast to Coast AM radio show to share his plans and receive donations and support from listeners fascinated by his project; unfortunately however, in 1997 Mike disappeared without trace and no one knows if this was either due to hoax, genius invention or accidental cause by himself?

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The Jacobs Ladder Experiment

Mike Marcum first became intrigued with time travel while experimenting with the Jacobs Ladder, a high-voltage arc generator capable of producing an intermittent spark between two poles. By adding a compact disc laser and changing some settings on it, he noticed a circular heat mark appearing on the ground near its spark source resembling a vortex. To test his theory further he tried throwing a metal screw through this vortex which vanished briefly but reappeared a few feet away – creating what he believed to be a gateway between time and space!

He wanted to use his device to predict future lottery winning numbers but found he needed additional power. So he decided to steal six 300-pound transformers from a local power station, installing them in his backyard and connecting them with his machine – only for it to cause massive blackouts across his neighborhood and draw the attention of authorities, leading them to arrest him on charges for theft of transformers and interference with public utilities.

The Coast to Coast AM Interviews

Marcum wrote to Art Bell, host of Coast to Coast AM radio show which covers topics such as paranormal phenomena, conspiracy theories and alternative science. In his letter he told Bell about his time machine project and asked for assistance; after being moved by this story Bell invited Marcum as a guest on his program.

Marcum made two appearances on Coast to Coast AM between 1995 and 1996 to discuss how he built his machine and what his plans for it were; specifically, that he wanted it to become bigger and more powerful for himself so as to be able to travel through time directly himself. Furthermore, he claimed he added a rotating magnetic field similar to what had been employed during the Philadelphia Experiment, an alleged secret project conducted by US Navy that involved teleportation and invisibility he claimed as part of his plan.

Marcum received an overwhelming amount of support and help from listeners of the show, who provided ideas, funding and spare parts for his project. He reported receiving enough donations to legally buy new transformers; thus almost completing his improved machine; as well as giving out his phone number so anyone could contact him to share in his knowledge and expertise.

The Mysterious Disappearance

Mike Marcum suddenly disappeared without any explanation in 1997 and no one knows where or what happened to him. Some speculate that he succeeded in building his time machine and traveled into another era while others suggest he accidentally created a paradox which erased himself from existence. Some even think someone wanted his invention or silence him by abducting or killing him, while some believe he simply invented his entire story before disappearing with all of the money.

Marcum has not been found, nor any official records exist to shed light on his disappearance; thus making this one of the most intriguing cases of possible time travel ever known to mankind.

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