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“Mersal” makes between Rs. 160 and Rs. 170 crore in its first week worldwide


Mersal has collected approximately Rs 160 – Rs 170 crore worldwide, including approximately 45 crore from overseas markets. Produced by Thenandal Studios Ltd’s Tamil film division under actor Vijay’s direction, Mersal stands out as an overwhelming Diwali attraction among Tamil film enthusiasts.

Mersal has amassed between Rs 160 to 170 crore worldwide, with approximately Rs 45 crore coming from overseas sales.


This Diwali, Tamil film fans are flocking to Thenandal Studios Ltd to catch actor Vijay’s movie Mersal which will be shown as part of The Festival of Lights celebration.

Chennai: To expand a hit film’s audience and make it even bigger, engaging in political controversy often suffices. Anyone having doubts could check with Thenandal Studios Ltd who produced actor Vijay’s Tamil movie Mersal for Diwali 2018 audiences to view.

As Diwali fell on a Wednesday with no consecutive holidays or long weekends to boost collections, producers were likely keeping their fingers crossed that collections would continue at an acceptable level.

Since their budget for the film had ballooned from an initial estimate of Rs 80 crore to around Rs 130 crore, and as part of a deal to secure film financiers they offered certain area theatrical rights in Tamil Nadu on distribution basis thereby increasing risk.

“They needn’t have been so anxious about the mersal budget and collection. According to a trade analyst on condition of anonymity, ‘Mersal’ had made approximately Rs 160-170 crore net worldwide by the end of its first week – about 45 crore being from abroad and the remaining collected within India. These estimates don’t include GST or local entertainment taxes (only applicable in Tamil Nadu) that may also be charged separately.”

“Diwali festivities and the aura of a blockbuster movie enabled it to collect about Rs 35 crore worldwide on Day One,” according to a veteran distributor of Tamil films. Net collection in Tamil Nadu for Day 1 totalled Rs 18 crore; Karnataka and Kerala both contributed three crore each on opening day.

But Thursday began differently when Tamilisai Soundararajan, the state president for BJP Tamil Nadu in Tamil Nadu took aim at actor Vijay and his film for featuring dialogues against GST. By Friday morning BJP union minister Pon Radhakrishnan also joined in against it and the protest buzz started spreading like wildfire.

On Saturday, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi made waves when he tweeted in support of the film and its director. Not only did his tweet draw national attention, but it also increased theater attendance.

“Mersal has outshone Ajith’s recent film ‘Vivegam’ in terms of box office returns worldwide, especially overseas markets. Mersal may become the highest non-Rajinikanth Tamil film to gross overseas in terms of overseas grossing,” according to an analyst’s assessment, outperforming Kabaali both in the UK and Singapore with its higher scores there while Kabaali did better overall in America and Canada.

Without its controversial backdrop, most in the industry believe that this film would not have become such a blockbuster hit; grossing at least 50% more than expected by trade during normal times without any controversy whatsoever.

“Had they kept quiet, it wouldn’t have become such a huge success,” stated L Suresh of Anandha Pictures and industry veteran L Suresh in response to TOI’s question about why politicians make public statements like those regarding film projects that might otherwise have been successful. Why do politicians do it? Because politicians “act with indiscretion. Had they kept quiet it would not have become such a massive success”, Suresh claimed.

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