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Maximum Pressure Campaign Against North Korea is Working White House

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Maximum Pressure Campaign Against North Korea is Working White House:  The Trump administration’s maximum pressure campaign against North Korea has worked.  The White House has said, ahead of President Donald Trump’s historic summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Maximum Pressure Campaign Against North Korea is Working White House

White House
White House

The White House statement comes a day after North Korea releasing three Americans who are detaining in the country for months.

The President was talking about, indeed, that the maximum pressure campaign has working.

We have seen North Korea make progress since that campaign start, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders tells reporters.

Sanders says Trump also has very clear that some of the success was due to America’s key allies and partners like South Korea’s President Moon Jae-In.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Chinese President Xi Jinping, who played a prominent role putting pressure on North Korea.

They have all playing a significant role in the maximum pressure campaign.

But a lot of that is because the President has spent time developing relationships with those individuals, and they have collectively able to put pressure on North Korea, Sanders says on Wednesday.

Trump tells reporters on Wednesday that the time and venue for his summit meeting Kim has deciding and will announce in three days.

Ruling out the Demilitarising Zone that divides the Korean peninsula as a venue for the meeting.

Trump has spoken with Moon Jae-in to discuss Pompeo’s visiting North Korea.

The two leaders welcoming North Korea’s decision to releasing three American detainees, and expressing hope for joyful family reunions, says a readout of the call.

Trump will host Moon at the White House on May 22.

Sanders says the President is viewing the releasing of the three prisoners by North Korea as the affirmative gesture.

A step in the right direction from the North Korean leader.

However, total denuclearisation will remain the top priority, she says.

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is calling for building on the momentum.

The nuclear threat posing to us by North Korea is real, and the need to denuclearise North Korea is urgent. Historic progress has already made.

Those calling for delays or setting preconditions before direct talks between President Trump and Chairman Kim which are grossly out of touch with and naive to the seriousness of the threat that the people of Hawaii live with every day, she says.

We cannot keep kicking down the road.

We must build in the momentum of the historic summit between North and South Korean leaders.

And do all we can toward a successful US-North Korean summit to denuclearise North Korea,” Gabbard says.

So, these are the points to describe the Maximum pressure campaign against North Korea is working White House.

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