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Mattea Roach’s Search for Perfect Teeth: A Comprehensive Account


Achieving perfect mattea roach teeth can be a long and arduous journey, but the rewards are undoubtedly worth the effort. Mattea Roach, an 18-year-old from central California, learned this firsthand when she decided to embark on her quest for perfect teeth. Here is Mattea’s detailed account of her journey toward perfect teeth.

Initial Consultation and Diagnosis

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Mattea began her journey toward perfect teeth with an appointment with an orthodontist. During the consultation, they examined her teeth and took X-rays and impressions of her mouth. From these results, they diagnosed her with several malocclusions – overcrowding, crossbite, and overbite.

Orthodontic Treatment Plan

After diagnosis, Mattea’s orthodontist devised a treatment plan to correct her malocclusions. This included installing braces that would realign her teeth and realign her jawbones for a natural bite. Mattea’s orthodontist recommended clear ceramic braces which are more discreet than traditional metal braces.

Braces Installation

After her treatment plan was finalized, Mattea’s braces were installed. This took approximately two hours and involved bonding brackets to each tooth and connecting them with wires. While the installation wasn’t painful, it took some time for Mattea to adjust to having braces in her mouth.

Follow-Up Appointments

Mattea scheduled regular follow-up appointments with her orthodontist to assess progress and adjust the braces. At these visits, the orthodontist modified the wires and made other necessary modifications in order to straighten Mattea’s teeth.


After 18 months of wearing braces, Mattea’s orthodontist removed them and fitted her with a retainer to maintain her teeth’s alignment as they adjusted to their new position. Mattea continued wearing the retainer faithfully for several months until her orthodontist suggested reducing its frequency of use.

Maintaining Perfect Teeth

With the assistance of her orthodontist, Mattea worked diligently to achieve perfect teeth. But the journey didn’t stop once the braces were taken off; she committed to diligent oral hygiene practices such as brushing and flossing regularly, plus avoiding hard or sticky foods which could damage her orthodontic appliances. Plus, she visited her orthodontist regularly for check-ups.


Investing time, energy, and money into orthodontic treatment can be a worthwhile venture. Mattea Roach’s journey to perfect teeth proves it’s possible to achieve your perfect smile with some patience and persistence. With the right treatment plan and proper oral hygiene habits, anyone can achieve the smile of their dreams

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