THE TOP BENEFITS OF INVISIBLE BRACES: One of the prevailing beauty trends in the modern world is a bright, shining smile. It consists primarily of straight, white teeth and is taken as an indication of health. But unfortunately, we don’t all naturally have straight teeth as they may sometimes grow crookedly. Hence the widespread use of braces as a corrective measure.

The installation of dental braces falls under a category of oral care known as cosmetic dentistry. This niche focuses on improving the appearance of your teeth, bite and gums. Dental practitioners use tools like veneers, bridges, crowns, braces, and teeth whitening procedures to execute these enhancements. Moreover, this branch of dentistry aims to improve both form and function of your dental faculties.

BBraces have always been the most visible implement of dental repair in use. However, that is now changing with the increasing use of a new form of this equipment. This iteration is known as invisible braces and is taking the world of cosmetic dentistry by storm.

What Are Invisible Braces?

Invisible braces are a more discreet type of dental braces. Dentists now use a form that blends in with the teeth well enough to be unnoticeable rather than utilising the conventional metal type. This option is now so popular that close to one million Australians have made use of them from the time they were introduced to the market in February 2002 to date.

Dental braces have three main functions. They help correct crooked teeth while improving your bite and closing any gaps between the teeth. However, their main differences come about in the benefits of invisible braces, including:

Better Dental Structure

You may not realise that a less than ideal dental structure significantly impacts your overall oral health. Therefore, it is crucial to seek fixes for conditions like over and underbites, irregular spacing, overjets and tooth overcrowding.

When you get braces, they help to improve your tooth alignment for easier brushing and flossing. Straighter teeth also reduce wear and tear and overall degradation. Additionally, they also serve to enhance your smile.

Improved Aesthetics

The primary drawback of using metal braces is their conspicuous nature. Unfortunately, their appearance caused people to avoid them as much as possible, no matter their necessity. But, now, with invisible braces, you can have your teeth corrected using a more discreet implement. This benefit is the primary reason why more people are receptive to the need for braces.

More Dietary Options

The traditional metal braces require that you alter your diet to avoid foods that are likely to get stuck in the metal parts or entangle the wires. Wearing invisible braces allows you to enjoy your favourite foods without restriction. The only caveat is that you are advised to remove the braces while eating.

Faster And More Visible Progress

Most invisible braces treatment plans range between 6 and 24 months. However, the average duration is one year. This period differs significantly from the use of metal braces which take longer to produce results.

In addition to a shorter overall treatment period, the lack of metal parts also shortens the time you spend in the dentist’s chair during an adjustment appointment.

These appointments allow your dentist to replace the aligners of your invisible braces. These aligners are the tools that facilitate tooth correction. They are clear and custom-made to suit your teeth and the desired outcome at the end of the treatment. As a bonus, you can also track your treatment progress from start to finish using state-of-the-art imaging technology.

Invisible braces have significantly changed the face of cosmetic dentistry. However, their proper installation still requires a professional hand. So make an appointment to consult with your dentist about your options as soon as possible.