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Marilyn Monroe’s Iconic Body: Examining the Myth


Marilyn Monroe Body (Norma Jeane Mortenson), is an American cultural icon who achieved iconic status during the 1950s as a Hollywood actress and sex symbol. Her hourglass figure became synonymous with beauty, femininity, and glamour; it remains today to symbolize ultimate sex appeal. Marilyn’s iconic physique wasn’t simply due to natural genetics or beauty; rather it was achieved through hard work, carefully chosen clothes, and some Hollywood magic.

Body Measurements

marilyn monroe body

Marilyn Monroe’s waist measurements were often reported as 36-24-34, giving her an hourglass figure that became a beacon of beauty. However, in reality she measured closer to 37-23-36 – still impressive considering her petite frame! This physique is known as the “Monroe Doctrine,” achieved through exercise, diet and thoughtful wardrobe choices; plus Monroe had her loyal team of makeup artists, hairstylists and costume designers working alongside her.

Wardrobe Choices Have an Impact

One of the reasons Monroe’s figure became so iconic was her signature wardrobe choices. She often donned tight dresses that highlighted her curves, often designed specifically for her by designers. Monroe’s signature looks included halter-neck dresses, plunging necklines and full skirts that highlighted her hips and waist.

The Hollywood Magic
Monroe’s beauty regimen was meticulous, taking hours to perfect every aspect – including makeup, hair and wardrobe. Her makeup artist Allan “Whitey” Snyder created her iconic looks – including signature red lips and cat-eye eyeliner – with precision.

Monroe’s hair played an integral role in her image. She collaborated with hair stylist Sidney Guilaroff, who created her signature blonde curls using peroxide, curlers, and hair pieces.

Additionally, Monroe’s wardrobe was carefully tailored to flatter her figure. Many of her costumes featured undergarments such as waist cinchers and padded bras that highlighted her curves.

Marilyn Monroe: An Icon of Body Image

Marilyn Monroe’s body image continues to be influential today, evident in various forms of media. Modern celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Beyonce often draw comparisons to Monroe due to their hourglass figures and glamorous style. Furthermore, Monroe has become a source of inspiration for companies selling products and services, with her figure becoming the go-to standard for feminine beauty.

In conclusion, Marilyn Monroe’s iconic body was achieved through a carefully crafted image that included diet, exercise, wardrobe choices and Hollywood magic. Her hourglass figure remains an icon of beauty that continues to resonate today across various forms of media. Marilyn Monroe will always remain an American cultural icon whose image continues to inspire and fascinate people around the globe.

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