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Mad About You Reboot Release Date, Cast & Story Concept


Mad About You Reboot : When Will Part 2 of the Season of ‘Mad About You’ Reboot Arrive on Spectrum?

Mad About You Reboot Release Date

Mad About You 2019 Part 2 will be released in its entirety on Spectrum on December 20, with the final six episodes of the 12-part reboot season arriving all at once on the streaming service, which will be available for free to Spectrum cable members.

This second series of six episodes, like the first six, will be 30 minutes long and star Hunt and Reiser alongside Abby Quinn, who plays the grown-up version of their daughter Mabel.

So yet, little is known about the final six episodes, however IMDB does mention that Episode 9 (the second part’s Episode 3) and Episode 10 are titled “The Cheese Stands Alone” and “Anderson Cooper and Other Fantasies,” respectively.

On the same day, Spectrum announced a number of guest stars who will feature in the second half of the season.

The first is Jason Alexander from Seinfeld, who will play himself, and the second is Jean Smart, who is coming off of her role as Laurie Blake in HBO’s Watchmen.

“Chelsea Stevens-Kobolakis, an eccentric best-selling author, lifestyle guru, and podcaster who runs a weekend seminar that Paul and Jamie attend — accidently,” according to The Wrap.

In the run-up to the release of the second half of the Mad About You reboot, Spectrum has made all previous episodes available to watch online—a total of over 160 episodes, or about two and a half days of viewing.

For those who missed the first six episodes of the relaunch, the series picks up twenty years later in New York City, when Paul and Jamie Buchman become empty nesters after Mabel graduates from college.

Despite the fact that the series continues the tale of the original sitcom, it largely ignores the original series finale, which saw Paul and Jamie reunite in the 2020s after a long separation.

Variety quoted executive producer Peter Tolan as saying on the ending: “We’re playing about with time a little bit…part of what you saw there might happen in the future, but some of it won’t, so we’re not necessarily bound by that conclusion.

I’m acting as if it never happened.”

On December 18, Mad About You 2019 Part 2 will be released on Spectrum.

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