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Loretta Lynn’s Son Jack Benny Lynn: A Tribute To His Life And Legacy

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Loretta Lynn’s Son Jack Benny Lynn: In this article, Loretta Lynn is one of the most celebrated and influential country singers of all time. She has won multiple Grammy Awards, been inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, and received the Presidential Medal of Freedom. But behind her success and fame, there is also a story of tragedy and loss. Loretta Lynn’s son Jack Benny Lynn died at the age of 34 in a drowning accident, leaving behind his wife, three children, and a heartbroken mother.

jack benny lynn
jack benny lynn

Who was Jack Benny Lynn?

Jack Benny Lynn was born on December 7, 1949, as the second child and first son of Loretta Lynn and her husband Oliver Vanetta “Doolittle” Lynn. He was named after Loretta’s favorite comedian, Jack Benny, and also because it was a custom in the South to have two names. He grew up on the family’s ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, where he developed a passion for horses and the outdoors. He was a skilled horse trainer, blacksmith, and rancher. He also served in the army for a brief period after high school, following his father’s footsteps as a veteran of World War II.

Jack Benny Lynn was very close to his mother, who described him as “a spitting image of his daddy” and “quiet and tender”. She also said that he was the one she “felt most sentimental about” among her six children. He often accompanied her on her tours and helped her with her business affairs. He also supported her musical career and was proud of her achievements.

How did Jack Benny Lynn die?

On July 22, 1984, Jack Benny Lynn went for a ride on his horse, Black Jack, near the Duck River that ran through the family’s property. He attempted to cross the river, which was swollen by heavy rains, but he and his horse were swept away by the strong current. His body was found the next day by a search party, along with his horse that had survived the ordeal. He was 34 years old.

The news of his death devastated Loretta Lynn and her family. She later said that she blamed herself for not being there to save him and that she wished she had died instead of him. She also said that losing a child was the worst thing that could happen to a parent and that she would never be the same again. She wrote a song about him called “Jack Benny Lynn”, which she recorded for her album Who Was That Stranger in 1988. She also dedicated her autobiography, Coal Miner’s Daughter, to him.

What is Jack Benny Lynn’s legacy?

Jack Benny Lynn left behind his wife Lisa Webb Lynn, whom he married in 1979, and three children: Jennifer, Jeremie, and Johna. His children have followed their grandmother’s footsteps in pursuing music as a career. Jennifer is a singer-songwriter who has released several albums and performed with Loretta on stage. Jeremie is a drummer who has played with various bands and artists. Johna is a singer who has appeared on American Idol and The Voice.

Jack Benny Lynn also left behind a legacy of love and kindness that touched many people’s lives. He was remembered as a gentle, generous, and loyal person who loved his family, friends, animals, and nature. He was also admired for his courage, strength, and resilience in facing life’s challenges. He was a role model for many young people who looked up to him as a mentor and a friend.

Loretta Lynn still misses her son every day and often posts tributes to him on social media. She said that he was always in her heart and that she hoped to see him again in heaven. She also said that he was one of the reasons why she kept singing and living despite all the hardships she had endured. She said that he was her inspiration and motivation to carry on.

Jack Benny Lynn may be gone, but he is not forgotten. He lives on in the memories of his family, friends, fans, and all those who knew him or were touched by his music. He lives on in the legacy of his mother, Loretta Lynn, who continues to honor him with her songs and stories. He lives on in the legacy of his children, who continue to share their talents and passions with the world. He lives on in the legacy of love that he left behind.

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