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longest speedrun: Longest Game to Speedrun


longest speedrun: Hi, Friends. Today I will be sharing some exciting information on the topic of the longest speedrun. Please go to the article and enjoy reading it.

longest speedrun: Longest Game to Speedrun

longest speedrun

WTF Gaming is a weekly series. It looks at the most exciting and outrageous things that happen when some people play video games. If they hear the word speedrun in most people, think of beating a game as quickly as humanly possible. A speedrun is supposed to be a 100-meter run and not a full-blown marathon. 

It has less to do with leave and more to do with using of various sudden. It exploits to break the game wide open and finish it in a record time.

But some games refuse to be broken. No matter how many sudden and some of the tricks are using to progress, a “speed” run can stretch well past 20 hours. 

With those runs, it is not just a matter of skill to complete a game. But of mental difficulty and almost unworldly patience.

To that end, we will highlight several of the most extended speed runs ever to show the amount of work and dedication it is taking to complete some of the biggest gaming challenges as it is quickly as possible. They may not be quick, but they make one ask WTF?

1. The Animal Crossing – 100%

Animal Crossing is a piece of life where one should live in a small town. Talking dogs and cats populate that. But a capitalist animal who puts one into massive debt. Which one then has to repay. It has different categories for speed runs, which vary from simply paying off the debt to obtain all of the golden tools in the game.

But the most thorough is a 100% completion run. It requires speedrunners to get every golden tool, every player statue, every upgrade, a completed museum, and a complete furniture catalog. 

The unmitigated amount of items that one should need to collect numbers well over 1,000 in total. Much of which depends on whatever things happen to conscious decision to enter the shop each day; it makes it all the more impressive that the YouTuber Coldeggman was collected them all in just 22 hours, 49 minutes, and 58 seconds.

 For some reference, the second place on the speedrun leaderboards for a 100% run. It takes just over 38 hours to collect everything.

2. Final Fantasy X – Nemesis Run

Final Fantasy X’s average speed is to hit hard by taking more than 10 hours to complete if one does almost everything perfectly. A Nemesis run, in addition to ending the game. It requires that players defeat Nemesis, a super boss with over 10 million HP.

 It can deal with max damage with specific attacks. But on complex, the challenge does not lie in defeating the Nemesis. But in unlocking it.

Because to do so, one should need to capture in the game of 10 in every single monster to make matters worse, the method for capturing the monsters involved in using a specific type of weapon.

That is only available for purchase two-thirds of the way into FFX. That means the players have to backtrack through every location in the game. It hopes that the made battles children the monsters that are needed.

It has noted Final Fantasy speedrunner Careth that holds the title for the fastest Nemesis run. It is clocking in at a forceful 23 hours, 7 minutes, and 46 seconds, just under eight minutes from the second-place run.

3. Multiple Mario Games – 602 Stars

The Mario series has to produce some of the most enjoyable and most popular speeds on the years of the classic and nail-biting runs of Super Mario Bros to the glitch-filled romps through the Super Mario 64; the series has long been a mainstay in the speedrunning community.

So it is only natural that someone decided to create a speedrunning category that involves collecting every star from Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Mario Galaxy 2. 

Altogether, 602 stars total, starting with Super Mario 64, runners must progress through the other 3D Mario games in chronological order. It is a multi-game run that relies on several glitches to make it faster. 

Mistakes made in the later rounds have the potential to destroy a run in no time at all. And it is a competitive category, as Vallu’s first-place run at 21 hours, 15 minutes, and 23 seconds. It is only 22 minutes faster than 360Chrism’s second-place run.

4. The Baten Kaitos – 100%

Lasting Wings and the Lost Ocean is a role-playing game for Nintendo. GameCube has initially released in the year 2003. It has become just one of many forgotten RPGs released from that history. But in the speedrunning community is notable for the single longest speedrun ever; it takes over 341 hours to complete a 100% run.

Seriously, the current world record just took 341 hours, 20 minutes, and 3 seconds held by a guy named Baffin.

Baten Kaitos takes 15 days to speedrun to thanks, primarily to the one item.

In Baten Kaitos, the items develop gradually over time into new things required for 100% completion. The Shampoo is one such item that takes approximately just 336 hours of real-time to convert into its final form, like much of the time is spending to waiting with Baffin.

 I only play the game for roughly four hours every day to gather the rest of the items. It is necessary to complete the game.

But it straightens the definition of a speedrun. Namely, the first syllable of the word, Baffin’s run, is an achievement in delay in achieving success that should not ignore.

So, this is vital information on the topic of longest speedrun: Longest Game to Speedrun.

If Queries or Questions is persisting then, please feel free to comment on the viewpoints.

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