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Watch: Las Vegas Vape Store Owner Stab Would-Be Robber


According to surveillance footage and the employee’s description of the incident, the owner of a vape shop in Las Vegas repeatedly stabbed a thief who startled him by jumping over his counter during a botched heist.

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Las Vegas vape store owner defends himself by using a knife to stab would-be robber


Video evidence from the theft on Wednesday, which was carried out in broad daylight, shows Johnny Nguyen, owner of Smokestrom Smoke Shop, stabbing the would-be thief at least seven times before he cried, “I’m dead,” and collapsed to the ground.

Officials from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department informed The Post that officers responded to a robbery incident at the vape shop on Wednesday afternoon but would not provide any other information.

Nguyen admitted to The Post on Friday that she was “fearing for my life.” One of them appeared to be carrying a gun or something as they entered since he had a bag in front of him. I didn’t have a lot of time to reflect. Near the cash register, I snatched my knife.

Nguyen, 22, claimed that on Wednesday at approximately 3:25 p.m., two males wearing black ski masks entered his store as a third stood at the entrance. Nguyen was captured on camera enquiring as to the two suspects’ justification for donning the ski masks.

One of the accused seized the tip jar when Nguyen ordered them to leave.

I politely requested that they leave, but the man stole my tip jar instead, which was alright, Nguyen said. “It escalated when they came back and tried to steal some more.”

One of the suspects was shown on camera jumping over the counter and attempting to take items from the shelf. Nguyen claimed that in a moment of panic, he grabbed his three-inch knife and stabbed the attacker seven times.

“Stop, would you? I’m gone! The would-be thief remarked as he fell to the ground, “I’m dead.

Nguyen recalled, “I remember him saying, ‘Please don’t let me die. “He apologized, he said. He had already removed his mask at that time. He was trying to talk to me as I was trying to call the cops. I just ran because I wanted to make sure the ambulance and cops arrived promptly.

Police allegedly told Nguyen the robber was 17 years old. It was unclear how he was feeling.

The outrageous attempted robbery at Nguyen’s store in Las Vegas took place a day after a Californian businessman made national headlines for shooting a burglar who broke into his booze store brandishing an AR-15-style gun.

Nguyen, who will turn 23 on Saturday, expressed his gratitude for making it through the trauma. He claimed to be “shook” by the experience and that he will research getting other guns for defense.

According to Nguyen, “Small company owners like us, this is our lifeline.” We must remain cautious because they not only pose a threat to our lives but also to our way of life.

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