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Keniqua Dachelle King Killed: What Happened To Him?


Keniqua Dachelle King Killed: A 28-year old woman died after being shot to death near a Rosharon dump truck service, Texas. Brazoria County officials say that her body was found Tuesday afternoon at FM 521 and FM 1462, around 4:30 PM.

She had received multiple gunshot wounds. The investigators identified her as Keniqua Dachelle King. Although it appears that the incident was a murder, nothing can be confirmed without further investigation. Many questions surround the death and cause of death.

Let’s discuss who she was and what happened at the incident site.

Who was Keniqua Dachelle King?

Keniqua Dachelle King Killed

According to the Sheriff’s office, King’s death was caused by gunshots. Keniqua Dachelle, the king, was shot and killed. The circumstances of her death are still unknown.

The investigation continues even though the investigator did not catch the murderer. The investigator has not provided any further information about the shooting or the time she died. According to her mother, she last saw her daughter Sunday.

She said that she was going up to Angleton to see a car, but she never saw her again. King’s boyfriend also died in Monday’s double fatal crash, just half a mile from the spot where King was found.

Clint Lopprise, one the Brazoria Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigas Division states that the criminal has been linked to her. Keniqua Dachelle, a 28-year old woman who lived with her family in Rosharon (state of Texas), died. She had one small child.

According to her mother, Keniqua was found in a field less than one-mile from her home on Tuesday night. She was shot nine times in head.

Her family claims that she was a wonderful heart girl. Vickie Gill, her mother, says she was devastated to hear the news about the loss of her daughter.

According to reports, his boyfriend died on Monday after a double fatal crash just half a mile from the scene of her death.

They are trying to find the link between her death and that of her boyfriend, who she lost one day earlier. The investigation is ongoing.

Nothing can be said about it before now. Investigators and Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office refused to confirm these details until they verified the final report from a medical examiner.

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