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Jigs For Thought: What You Need To Know About 80% Lower Jigs & Why You Need One


Purchasing firearms from a gun store is expected in the United States as it is fast and convenient. However, some businesses have decided to offer a much more exciting service than the typical purchase practice in the form of the 80 lower jigs.

The 80 lower jigs have become more prominent than before for several reasons, but the attention it receives is still lacking compared to the purchase of pre-made firearms. Nevertheless, there are many reasons why any gun enthusiast should consider the 80 lower jigs.

What Are 80% Lower Jigs?

The 80% Lower Receiver, also known as the lower receiver or the receiver jig, is a mechanical template or fixture found in every gun. Gunsmiths should be familiar with these templates as the frames make repeatable automated processes much simpler and more accessible. Additionally, these jigs are used for making one’s very own homemade firearm.

The idea of a lower jig is that the owner should complete or alter their firearm however and whenever they want it to be changed. This is a bonus for whoever wants to know more about the gun, its parts, and the many possibilities.

Along with the possibilities, there are still some limitations for specific jigs. For example, some jigs are separate for Glock models alone, but these jigs may accommodate other variations such as the GST-9, which is much like the pistol. As there are 80% lowers for handguns, there are frames for assault rifles as well. The most famous ones come from the AR series of rifles, and it is wanted because of its power and easy use. AR15 and AR10 jigs are available for those wishing to build the AR15, AR10, and AR9.

Jigs limit themselves to not only reliable handguns but also quality rifles with such precision.

Fast & Easy

A common perception about building anything is that assembling a structure, complete with bolts, springs, or other miniature parts, will take a considerable amount of time. Nevertheless, one may find this perception inaccurate with the receiver jig because these come with all the components needed with a blueprint of the final product.

What this does is that it makes building the firearm easier and faster. The assembling will not even take an hour to accomplish. This is encouraged for aspiring gunsmiths or any man or woman looking for a hobby in building guns.

No License Required

The “receiver blank” known to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) is considered an unfinished receiver, meaning that this frame cannot legally be recognized as a gun. To the organization, these are simple hunks of metal purchased together. This would mean that someone will not have to present a license if a lower jig is ordered from a business. This is much better than buying a gun because the buyer is relieved of any additional fees and taxes. The jig and its parts are delivered directly to the front door without any further hassle, and it offers individuals a quick and easy start to crafting their homemade firearm.

A Money-Saving Hobby

Another perception of making anything is that it will cost much more than getting a pre-made item. Nevertheless, this is not one of the problems when dealing with the lower jig. A receiver jig is made with the highest-quality metals, which is sturdy and may be recycled for many other subsequent 80% lowers.

With the many benefits that one may receive by purchasing a lower jig, the individual should start considering the possibility of owning one. Why would they not? It is a collection of parts and blueprints that encourage creativity in creating different kinds of firearms with their specific jigs. These are a quick way for aspiring gunsmiths, or any gun owner for that matter, to familiarize themselves with the processes and intricacies of the gun.

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