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Jay Caspian Kang is a cancer survivor, father, and professional. His cancer studies and expertise inspire people worldwide.

Caspian Kang

TV journalist and podcaster Jay Caspian Kang. The Loneliest Americans tells his strangely neglected story of upwardly mobile urban Asian Americans striving to fit into an assimilationist culture.

Kang writes for Vice, New York Times, and a newsletter on his favourite topics. Race and gambling are among his other magazine-worthy topics.

In 2005, Columbia University awarded him an MFA. He founded Ritalin in college. This magazine covered Korean diaspora arts and politics. He edited the science-technology blog Elements for the New Yorker.

Vice News Tonight’s correspondent. He writes for ESPN and Grantland and co-hosts Time to Say Goodbye.


Cancer-survivor JC Kang. Chemotherapy followed thyroid removal. The basic process went well. The 72-hour sequestration occurred.

Seoul-born JC Kang grew up in Boston. He was a pharmaceutical chemist. His childhood school was Asian. Racism plagued him. Kang gambled.

He returned to America and reported sports. His ritalin journal was at Bowdoin College. His debut novel followed.

His second novel is a literary masterpiece. “The Loneliest Americans” is memoir/report. The book’s success indicts the Big 5 publishing industry.

Kang’s presence indicts his attitudes. Kang calls marginalised Asian Americans “penance seekers” and ignores community development.


Jaspian Kang wrote The Loneliest Americans, an insightful and engaging biography. Kang uses his family’s history to tell the Asian American tale. Kang’s tale examines Asians in America and American society.

After marrying, Kang’s parents fled North and South Korea to the US. Kang’s mother thrived in America, while his father became a CEO. 1992 murder. Richard Rhee had a weapon on a store roof during the rioting.

Kang’s family is fascinating. It was hard. American anti-Asian policies limited immigration. The 1965 Hart-Celler Act abolished Asian immigration restrictions.

This law brought millions of Asians to America. The nation’s fastest-growing population. Asians remain culturally varied. Language may divide cultures. Another issue is that “Asian” is a reductionist term.


American writer Jay Caspian Kang. He edited The New Yorker and Grantland and currently writes for The New York Times Magazine and opinion page. He was The New Yorker’s Elements science editor.

Jay Caspian Kang has written extensively on numerous topics. He often provokes. “The Loneliest Americans” examines Asian American identity in America.

Kang analyses racial change using personal, cultural, and historical sources throughout the book. Kang uses personal and family experience to do this. He helps Asian Americans through the story by exploring their struggles.

Culture critique and comprehensive reporting are strong in this. Kang’s family moves from South Carolina to Cambridge to a beautiful college neighbourhood on the West Coast.