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Jaxxyn Wood death: While Underwater Inspecting Pipes at a Kentucky Power Plant

Jaxxyn Wood death
Jaxxyn Wood death

Jaxxyn Wood death: A 19-year-old commercial diver drowned while inspecting pipes at the Louisville power plant in Kentucky. The body was found floating in the Ohio River by emergency responders.

Wood, who passed away this summer, was a fearless, kind, and gifted swimmer who had loved the water since childhood.

Tasha Singleton, Wood’s coach at Danville High School, said Wood loved her job. He did.

He was 19 years of age

In 2021, Jaxxyn Wood, a promising young diver, was reported missing. He was a professional diver and used to work in a Louisville power plant.

After a few days, however, emergency workers found him dead. His body wasn’t immediately identified, but it was later confirmed that his drowning was in the Ohio River.

He was 19 years old and a resident of Owensboro, Kentucky. He had worked previously at LG&E Mill Creek Station.

The Jefferson County coroner stated that he was checking the Ohio River’s underwater pump intake when he fell and died instantly.

He was a fearless, kind, and gifted swimmer who had loved the water since childhood.

John Anderson, his former coach and Danville High School diving team member, recalls saving eight family members from a fire in 2013.

He was one of eleven siblings. His surviving relatives include his father, Bryan Wood and his stepmother Amanda Wood.

His girlfriend Kni’Treeya and many close friends are also his surviving relatives.

His passion was to divert

Jaxxyn Wood was a fearless and gifted diver who inspired many. He was an active member of the Danville High School swimming team and had previously worked as a commercial diver.

His family stated that he was also caring and generous. He was a fast runner but sometimes slowed down to help others in need.

The family hosted a memorial meeting at Centre College in Danville on Sunday.

The event raised money to create a fund that would help others in the way he wanted.

He was a 19-year-old diver who drowned inspecting pipelines in the Ohio River. According to forensic reports, he drowned while inspecting pipelines in the Ohio River.

His job was at LG & E Mill Creek Station

Owensboro’s 19-year-old man drowned while performing routine inspections at LG&; E Mill Creek Station in southwestern Louisville.

The Jefferson County Coroner’s office confirmed Wood’s death in the water on Friday.

Bulldog Diving is a company that specializes in underwater inspections of power plants. Wood was in the water with Bulldog Diving.

The diver had been on duty for about an hour and was not wearing a helmet. The diver was then dragged into the pump, where he had just completed a top-flight job.

According to the LMPD, the diver wasn’t rescued until Thursday night. It was a difficult day for the Wood family.

The circumstances of this tragedy are still being investigated. For any further information, contact the coroner at 512-635-7431.

As new information becomes available, we will keep this story updated.

While we gather more information from different sources, we appreciate your patience.

Jaxxyn Wood death: He died in 2021

It was shocking to see the sudden death of a diver considered a hero by many across the country.

Everyone was eager to learn more about his life after his death.

Wood enjoyed swimming and was a Danville High School’s diving team member. John Anderson was Wood’s school head coach at Danville High School. Wood was only three years old when Anderson first met him.

Anderson is well-known for his compassion for others. Anderson said that Anderson saved his family’s lives from a house fire in the early morning of 2013 when he was twelve.

Anderson also served as a volunteer lifeguard at a pool where his family used to swim.

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