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Jake Paul’s Next Fight Date in 2023


Jake Paul’s Next Fight and Jake Paul, also known as “The Problem Child”, has established himself in combat sports. He is a YouTube sensation who can deliver some serious punches and talks trash.

According to reports, his next fight is schedul for February 25. It appears that it will be against Tommy Fury who is Tyson Fury’s younger brother.

Who will Jake Paul fight next

Jake Paul, who just won his first professional boxing bout, is eager to continue fighting. He defeated Anderson Silva in UFC but has yet to find a fight opponent.

A fighter who can knockout opponents with his bravado is a favorite of combat sports fans. Paul is no exception to this rule.

He has five straight wins, including two past MMA world champions. His online following is huge, with over 20 million subscribers to YouTube and 27 million social media followers.

Paul will take on Tommy Fury in his first fight without the United States. It will be held at Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), February 26th.

The fight was originally schedul to take place December 31, but Fury withdrew due to illness.

After the fight was reschedul for August 6, it was cancel due to visa problems. It looks like the fight will be happening again in 2023 on February 25th.

Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury

After a long delay, Jake Paul finally will be able face Tommy Fury in a bout of boxing. Ariel Helwani (combat sports reporter) reports that they have finally agreed to fight on February 25 in Saudi Arabia.

They were originally suppos to meet twice, but Fury withdrew from the first because of illness. Due to visa issues, Fury was unable to travel to America so they attempted again.

Tommy and Jake have been waiting for this moment for years. Paul and Jake will both be very visible at this fight.

Both fighters will be undefeated. The pay-per view purse is $2.5 million. This is also the first fight between both fighters in a PPV main-event, which should make it exciting.

Although they have had many problems together in the past, they are now coming to an agreement on a final fight that will be entertaining.

Anderson Silva vs. Jake Paul

Anderson Silva, an ex-champion of the UFC, will face Jake Paul. The YouTuber-turn-boxer will make his first MMA appearance since December 2021, when he was knock out by Tyron Woodley.

The 47-year-old former UFC Middleweight champion will be his opponent. This is his most difficult test. Although it is a difficult challenge, it should prove to be an opportunity for Paul to prove his legitimacy in boxing.

Paul is a bit of an irony, but he has made significant improvements in his boxing skills. He has won five of his professional fights. He also scored knockouts against two seasoned MMA fighters, Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren.

Although it was very competitive, Paul won the match and received a unanimous decision. Dennis O’Connell was award 77-74%, while Paul Calderon received 78-73.

Jake Paul vs. Mike Perry

Jake Paul selected Mike Perry, UFC welterweight Mike Perry as his backup for the next fight. Former YouTuber/boxer, Perry fought 15 times for the UFC between 2016 and 2021. However, he has found success in bareknuckle fights.

Perry is now 2-0 in bareknuckle combat despite his 14-8 mixe-martial arts record. He has won against Michael Page and Ultimate Fighter veteran Julian Lane. Perry will fight in Triad Combat 1 next February.

The 31-year old revealed that he signed a contract to fight Paul but then changed his mind. He uploaded screenshots of the contract. It would have allowed Perry to fight Paul for eight rounds over three minutes at an event on February 18, or on another date set by Paul’s promoter.

Paul and Fury may be able to reach an agreement and arrange a fight this month. Paul could turn his attention to other potential opponents who have requested a fight against Fury if negotiations fall apart again.

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