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Jackson & Campbell- Experience the Magic of Jackson & Campbell


Founded in 1887, Jackson & Campbell is one of Washington’s oldest firms. The firm’s strong history and dedication to diversity are a testament to the legacy of its namesake Edmund Campbell.

A renowned civil rights lawyer, he played a pivotal role in the desegregation of Virginia public schools during the 1950s and remained deeply involved in the movement throughout his career.

Today, the Ed Campbell Elementary School in Arlington preserves his legacy.

About Jackson & Campbell

Jackson & Campbell are a top-quality law firm located in DC. It specializes in the practice areas of litigation and trial, liability insurance coverage, real property, estates, trusts, and business and employment law.

The firm is also known for its green practices and philanthropic efforts.

The firm has a strong history of supporting equality and encouraging a healthy work/life balance.

This includes a long-lasting partnership with Arlington’s Edmund G. Campbell Elementary School.

Visit the office in person to see the wonders of this firm or call them for an initial consultation.

The firm is home to a wide array of lawyers with impressive credentials. A large, dedicated team of support personnel is also part of the firm.

Jackson & Campbell Law Firm

Jackson & Campbell Law Firm provides legal services in areas such as business, employment, litigation, trial, liability, insurance coverage, real estate, asset management and trusts and estates.

The company s attorneys provide services for clients in the United States.

It also provides solutions for launching new businesses, regulatory compliance, private placement of securities, public offerings, federal taxation issues and copyright and trademark licensing.

This firm is an old Washington law firm that focuses solely on its client. Its clients are corporate entities, nonprofit organizations and individuals.

The firm also handles legal cases related to employee benefits, discrimination and wrongful termination claims, employment policies, illegal harassment, executive compensation, wage and hour matters, and other workplace-related issues.

In addition, the company s lawyers handle premise, product and professional liability cases.

In addition, it has a long history of promoting and supporting equal opportunity.

One of the founders, Ed Campbell, played a pivotal role in the desegregation of Virginia schools in the 1950s.

Jackson & Campbell Attorneys

Jackson & Campbell is one the most enduring law firms in America.

Its founder, Edmund “Ed” Campbell, was known for his commitment to equal opportunity and for his work in promoting racial justice.

The firm specializes in employment and labor law, litigation and trial, and liability insurance coverage.

The firm’s lawyers also offer services in areas such as real estate, business and asset management, trusts, and tax planning.

Jackson & Campbell attorneys can help with all legal issues related to contracts, business, bankruptcy, civil, and criminal litigation.

Both domestic and foreign companies as well as non-profit organizations can get legal help from the Firm.

Jackson & Campbell’s attorneys are highly skilled and dedicated to providing top-notch legal advice for their clients.

They are highly regarded for their expertise in all areas of the law, and have the ability to resolve complex disputes with ease.

Jackson & Campbell Lawyers

Jackson & Campbell Lawyers offer legal advice and services in a variety of areas.

They have extensive expertise in business, employment, litigation, trial, liability insurance coverage and real estate.

This firm’s attorneys are dedicated to representing the best interests of clients in all areas of litigation, settlement, and other dispute resolution.

They are also committed to providing personal service to clients and a high level of legal expertise.

Founded in 1887, Jackson & Campbell is one of the oldest firms in Washington D.C. Edmund “Ed” Campbell, a founding member of the firm, is known for his dedication to equal opportunity in the public schools and his contributions to civil rights in the area.

The Edmund G. Campbell Elementary school in Arlington, Virginia continues his legacy. He also taught there for many years.