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It Happened One Summer


EXCLUSIVE! Frolic Media and BCDF Pictures are developing a feature adaptation for Tessa Bailey’s New York Times bestseller It Happened One summer.

Based on the first installment in her #1 NYT and USA Today bestselling Bellinger Sisters series, it’s been adapted by Christina Mengert (The Hating Game) and Joseph Muszynski (The Unhoneymooners). The book is due to release in June 2020.

Piper Bellinger

After one too many screw-ups, Piper Bellinger’s stepfather cuts her off and banishes her to a small coastal town. Her sister joins her and she spends the summer living in real life, reconnecting with family.

When she arrives in Westport, she immediately meets grumpy fisherman Brendan Taggart. They are instantly attracted despite their opposite personalities.

In this rom-com, USA TODAY BESTSELLING author Tessa Bailey reimagines the infamous ‘grumpy/sunshine’ trope. Piper Bellinger, Piper’s fun loving socialite and Brendan Taggart, the gruff fisherman are opposites but they share an inexplicable attraction.

This is a funny and sweet story. I found myself laughing on numerous occasions. I also loved how they developed as romantic partners.

It was ultimately their choices that brought them their happily ever after. I highly recommend this book! This book is a must for lovers of rom-coms.

It’s hot and the characters are charming. There’s also plenty of dirt to keep you busy!

Brendan Taggert

Daniel, Piper’s stepfather, revealed that Piper was left a bar by her father in Westport (a small coastal town).

The three-month long course will teach them how to run their father’s dive bar.

Piper discovers she can do more with her new house than she ever thought. She also finds that Piper is able to form relationships with people who she meets.

Piper also realizes she feels more at home living in small towns than she thought.

But she has a hard time letting go of her glamorous life in LA and can’t seem to stop thinking about the fisherman with whom she falls in love, Captain Brendan Taggert.

Piper soon realizes their attraction and that he is a grummy local. As they get to know each other, the question of whether Piper should return to her glamorous life in LA or stay with Brendan becomes an important issue for her and their relationship.

The story’s chemistry, romance, and high-heat sex scenes are all expertly written and combined with some serious soul-searching for both of them.


The small seaside town of Westport, Washington, is where Piper Bellinger finds herself. Piper Bellinger has never lived in a place before but now she calls it her home with Hannah, her sister.

As she works to restore her late father’s bar, Piper starts to reconnect with her past. She also meets Brendan Taggart, a handsome fisherman who catches her attention.

Throughout the summer, Piper finds herself drawn to him and their connection grows. But she resists flirting with him because he still wears his wedding ring.

As the summer unfolds, Piper discovers that she has a lot to learn about herself.

Piper reaches out to her past and discovers that she might be able to return to LA by visiting a small coastal town with a charming sea captain. She doesn’t realize that Piper could be her true love.


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