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Larray Boyfriend: Know Everything Her Boyfriend


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The couple had a miscommunication during the “” game. James Charles, the boyfriend, is accused of making inappropriate comments about Bretman Rock, his girlfriend.

Both of them were removed from the game as a result. A new rule was also implemented that prohibits fans from bringing personal items to the game. This will hopefully stop fans ruining the game by making a scene.

Brady Potter

In the first months of 2019, Brady Potter was with Larray Merritt. After meeting at Playlist Live, they began dating.

They have been known interact on social media. Brady posts fashion, modeling, and street style content. His YouTube channel is also available. He has over 500k followers. Skylar, his twin sister, is also on Twitter.

Larray Boyfriend

Brady is also an endorser for several products such as Gymshark and Adidas. In the past, he has dyed his hair blonde. He holds Italian German ethnicity. He attended Prairie Ridge High School, Crystal Lake, Illinois.

He was a Prairie Ridge Wolves football player. In high school, he also suffered from acne. California’s beaches and abundance of plants are his favorite things. He prefers shorts to boxers. He is also a fan of cats. He doesn’t believe in one-night stands with strangers.

Bretman rock

Bretman rock, a Filipino beauty and social media influencer known as “Bretman” is Bretman Rock. His YouTube channel has over one million subscribers. His humor is a trademark of his life.

Bretman Rock’s net worth is approximately $6 million as of 2022. He is a prominent member of the LGBT community and has been featured in many music videos. He is also a strong advocate for justice.

Vine was his first platform. He moved to YouTube in 2012 His videos tend to be vlog-style. He has 8.48 million subscribers.

Many of his videos feature guest appearances by other social media stars. His most-favorite song is “Cancelled”, a 2020 release that features TikTok stars.

He was the first gay man to appear on the Playboy cover in October 2021. He was also nominated to the GLAAD Media Awards for Outstanding Reality Programming.

He has worked with YouTube stars like Chelsea Handler, Nikita Dragun and others. He was also included on Variety’s 2020 Power of Young Hollywood List.

James Charles

Fans believe that Larray is involved with James Charles even though he doesn’t actually date him. James and Larray were seen a lot hanging out. They have also been known to share content on social media.

Larray and James Charles were pictured together in a TikTok clip. They even shared a moment of affection by saying “I love you” together. This video has been viewed more than 88,000,000 times.

Larray is a social media celebrity who is well-known for his comedic posts. He quickly gained popularity on Vine, and then migrated to YouTube.

He has also created a Patreon account. He intends to donate a portion his income to patrons. He launched a clothing line called “girliesxo”.

He has also made some music videos. Larray’s Loaded Mc is his virtual restaurant. He hopes to get into the Hollywood scene.

Larray’s TikToks feature many Hype House members. He has an active Instagram account. He just launched a Patreon account.

Larri Merritt

Larri Merritt is also known as Larray Merritt. He is a social media superstar from Los Angeles, California. He is a TikTok and YouTube star with a large following. He was born in Compton, California on July 22, 1998.

Vine was Larray’s first platform, and he became famous for it in 2011. His videos made him famous and he has over 200,000 followers.

Larray moved to TikTok later and gained a larger fan base. His comedy videos and vlogs are his trademark. TikToks are also posted by him, which showcase his dance moves.

Larray was originally called Larray Cyrus. He once ran a Miley Cyrus fan page. He eventually changed his name from Larri to Larri. He is proud to be openly gay.

He has a beauty spot right under his right eye.Brady Potter, a fellow TikTok star, is his current girlfriend. Potter and he first met in April 2019. A few months later, they began dating. They broke up in September 2021.

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