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How to Promote Your Salon: 5 Amazing Tips!


How to Promote Your Salon: 5 Amazing Tips!: Are you wondering how big saloon owners always remain on top of their game? Do you feel like you are repeating the same mistakes which are hindering your growth? Are you in search of new marketing ideas? If that’s you, then you have come to the right place.

How to Promote Your Salon: 5 Amazing Tips!

Your brand value image is an essential factor in drawing in more customers. In the virtual world, your website and your logo determine that more than anything else. Worry not; you don’t need to learn graphic design to create your brand logo. Let the barber logo maker take care of it. It’s easy, simple and takes less than a minute.

But that’s not the only thing that drives clients, right? You need skilled employees, impeccable service and most importantly, an ingenious marketing strategy for exponential business growth. Here we are offering you five crucial steps aligned with the 21st-century marketing trends to promote your salon.

1. New services

To stay one step ahead of your competitors, you need to walk that extra mile. Do a bit of market research to understand what’s trendy, not just in your area but in other places too.

Why? Because analyzing the trends, will keep you abreast of market trends. Moreover, if something is popular in another area and no one is offering that in your locality, you can become the new trendsetter. 

Revamping your services is essential too. Adding a special service menu is an excellent way to do that. For example, if you are doing manicures, why not add nail art, too, for a few extra bucks!

2. Referrals

When a new parlour opens in our neighbourhood, we are a bit apprehensive of their services, in the beginning, aren’t we? Only when a friend and or a family member recommends us, do we feel comfortable checking them out. 

So, what if you actively encourage that by offering referral codes to your first-time clients? If a new customer visits with that referral code, they can redeem it on their next visit and get a discount or other perks. 

The referral code promotions have paid dividends for major global companies. Why not take a leaf from their book to upscale your marketing!

3. Exhibit and contests

Holding exhibitions and contests is essential to enhance your brand value. This is the perfect way to demonstrate your stylists’ expertise. In addition to that, you can also rope in-salon influencers to drive more clients.

Running a contest or a social media campaign will pique the curiosity of more people. For example, offer the clients extra benefits like a free express service or a gift card voucher with most referral codes. You can also tie up with other stores in your locality and run a joint contest. 

4. Paid ads

Goode ads and Facebook ads are perfect ways to boost your marketing campaign. If you are offering promotions or discounts on services, run an ad campaign on these platforms. An algorithm-based ad service is precise and targets people with relevant interests. Running paid search ads will rank your website higher in Google results.

Furthermore, utilize the full potential of retargeting ads. If a user visits your website and does not make any purchase, the next time they open social media, a banner of your website will pop up on their feed, redirecting them to your website again. 

5. Use holidays

Seasonal holidays or local events are a surefire way to promote your brand in your locality. 

Offer special discounts on national holidays like Black Friday, Christmas, New Years’ Eve and Valentine’s Day to bring more people into your saloon. The advantage is, you don’t need to create a separate marketing plan for these events.

Similarly, if there is a local sports event or a beauty competition, sponsor a segment by offering the winner a free-massage day at your saloon or a special grooming package. 

We hope that the points mentioned above will help in your business growth. Promotion is essential to growth. Use your website to create brand awareness. Highlight the major services you offer that set yours apart from others in your business. Additionally, use trusted products and new-age software to further your marketing goals.