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Halloween Trailer: Jamie Lee Curtis is back to bring back Laurie Strode, her beloved character in Halloween Ends.

It’s set four years after Halloween Kills. Laurie is determined to revenge the death of her daughter, Michael Myers.

David Gordon Green directed the film. He co-wrote it with Danny McBride, Paul Brad Logan, and Paul Brad Logan.

James Jude Courtney and Will Patton will star in the movie, as well as Kyle Richards and Andi Matichak.

Michael Myers

Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), four years after Michael Myers vanished without a trace, has moved in with her granddaughter Allyson.

(Andi Matichak) She has finished her memoir and is ready to move on. After a series of terrifying and violent events, Laurie has to confront her fears again.

Universal Pictures released a teaser trailer about Halloween Ends a few weeks ago. However, it was very short and could have given more insight into the movie’s content.

Universal Pictures has released a new two-minute clip. It brings the story’s end to a complete circle in preparation for the supposedly final confrontation between Strode & Myers.

Laurie Strode

Halloween Ends, the final film in David Gordon Green’s rebooted series, promises to see Laurie Strode face off with her masked villain Michael Myers.

Jamie Lee Curtis reprises her role as the babysitter being stalked by the slasher hero, but it’s now time to say goodbye.

The latest trailer for Halloween Ends drops Tuesday. Strode is determined to revenge her daughter’s death and finally defeat Myers.

She worries that he has become more dangerous and that she must defeat him once and for all.

Allyson Strode

This is the third installment in David Gordon Green’s Halloween Reboot Trilogy.

This chapter opens a new chapter. The film focuses on Michael Myers’ aftermath in Haddonfield.

Laurie Strode’s family is not the only one suffering from the trauma he causes.

Allyson Nelson is Laurie’s great-granddaughter, who seems to be able to see the evil power of evil.

This is evident in her dramatic confrontation with Michael. She grabs a knife from the kitchen and attacks Michael.

Although she doesn’t respond, she stands firm and forces Michael to return the knife.

Corey Cunningham

Halloween Ends was surprised to see Corey Cunningham. Rohan Campbell was a new character and played the part of Corey Cunningham.

The film is described as the final battle between Laurie Strode, Michael Myers, and Corey Cunningham. However, David Gordon Green directed much of it to tell the story of a new threat.

Corey is a pariah in Haddonfield because of his mistreatment by society and his murderous impulses that drive him to kill.

Joan Baron, his mother, is a troubled woman and wants him to leave Allyson Matichak (Andi Mateichak).

Lindsey Wallace

Lindsey Wallace was one of the few survivors from 1978’s Halloween. Laurie Strode and Tommy Doyle took her in as a babysitter.

Although she is still alive, Lindsey has experienced a lot of trauma and pain from her experience with Myers.

Although Lindsey made it to safety in Halloween Kills, it is unclear if she will make it through the 2022 Halloween Ends without any injuries.

The trailer for Halloween Ends suggests that Lindsey could play a more significant role than she did in Halloween Kills. She will even give tarot readings to the public!

Frank Hawkins, a police officer

Frank Hawkins and William Patton were the first deputy sheriffs to arrest Michael Myers.

He also survived two encounters with the Shape. He has also been romantically interested in Laurie Strode. However, it isn’t clear if she feels the same about him.

Each has a chance at killing the other when Laurie and Michael meet in their final fight. Carpenter’s Halloween theme is fulfilled. However, Laurie and Carpenter end up drawing.

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