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GOQii Life Fitness Band Review


GOQii Life Fitness Band Review: Are you planning to purchase GOQii Life Fitness Band, if you do then I highly recommend you to keep reading this article. I’m using this fitness band for more than 6 months and I appreciate the personalized coaching which is a unique feature of the Goqii health ecosystem. So here are things that I like, dislike, and are worth mentioning about GOQii Life Fitness Band.

GOQii Life Fitness Band Review

Technical Details

Alarm Yes
Batteries Included Yes
Brand GOQii
Color Power Black
Capatible-With iOS 8+, Android 4.3 +
Display-Type OLED Display
Weight 20 Grams
Power-Source Inbuilt Lithium Battery
Size Free Size
Features Alarm Clock, Gesture Control, Distance Tracker, Time Display
Sport other

GOQii Life Fitness Band Review

About the Band

The band is of good quality. One-time charge lasts up to 7 days. Synchronization of the app and the band is instantaneous & accurate. It shows the number of steps, distance, activity time, and calories burnt which is pretty cool. It tracks your sleep time as well.

Build-in Quality

The quality of the product is amazing. The GOQii core has no effect from splashes of water, though it is not waterproof, so I have not tested it. The display also seems to be sturdy and touch-enabled. It shows basic functions like time and date, steps, activity meter, distance, calorie burnt, and Karma point accumulated in a day.

I highly recommend for those persons who want to:

1. Reduce your weight.
2. Stay fit.
3. Get more active.
4. Start a new sport like a marathon or running.

About the Coach

The coach is very good. You need to share your goal and they will advise your activity schedule. You can then set your target. The coach is very actively involved and will keep motivating you to achieve your goals.

You get it is a good combination of valuable inputs for diet & exercise routine. They monitor your food intake and also guide you to make corrections if required. I think this is a big plus point.

Tracking: The band has an automatic sleep tracker and its steps tracking is near perfect.

Battery: It’s a great product simple to use and charging stays long up to 5 days in my case. With GOQii Life Fitness Band you won’t need to worry about battery life at all.

Compatible: GOQii Life fitness tracker band is compatible with both android and Ios devices.

Bluetooth Connectivity: Personally speaking, Bluetooth connection is working fine overall I think at present it is the most economical band present in India which is doing its job perfectly.

Price: As per the price is concern GOQii Life fitness band comes with a price tag of Rs. 1,700 with 3 months of subscription; Rs. 3,999 with 12 months of subscription.


  • Lightweight(~25gm with strap).
  • Comes with a subscription-based model.
  • Earn karma and donate your Karma Points to your favorite causes I have donated 5000 karma points.
  • OLED display with touch support.
  • Bundled with the two good-quality straps.


  • Little expensive.

My Final Words

I love it. It’s an excellent band that I have ever come across. The steps are nearly accurate. Battery power stays longer. Easy to operate. Personal coaches are extremely helpful and push with health tips to achieve your goal. It’s a great band to use as it changes the lifestyle and keeps one fit. If you want to stay fit then must go for GOQii Life fitness band.


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