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Going to Brooklyn? Top Moving Companies


To avoid stress during moving to Brooklyn, you should trust this job to professionals. No matter whether you change your state or city, transportation of fragile items and heavy things without previous experience can lead to disaster. To avoid misunderstanding and extra charges, you can hire a moving company in Brooklyn that is already familiar with the overcrowded NYC borough. This article provides a list of the best companies on the market.

Moving Companies: Kings of Brooklyn

All of these companies are Brooklyn-based and can help everyone to move there. If you have not decided which company you want to address, read their descriptions first and find out which benefits you can get. Contact each company directly and find out the pricing for your specific case. Below is the list of the most popular companies in the area.

1. Seka Moving

The company is based in Brooklyn and knows the area like no one else. It has got high scores from clients since it offers affordable prices and high-quality moving services. Apart from the local moving, it also offers long-distance services and storage. There is a team of trained furniture movers you can hire separately. The company works seven days a week.

2. NYC Great Movers

The company offers both local and long-distance services. It has numerous storage spots that can be filled with your things. You can pay for long-term use. The company works with commercial moving as well. It provides insurance for its services. You can adjust your plans together with the company.

3. J.P. Urban Moving

Known for its high standards and use of eco-friendly equipment, this company can help you with packing and unpacking for an extra fee. They help businesses move around the city. They also provide the services of piano movers. Customers appreciate the individual approach to every particular case. However, they have a limited pick-up service only to Brooklyn.

4. U. Santini Moving and Storage

This is probably the oldest moving company on the list with 90 years of history behind. They have the packages to offer, but you can always pick several services that you need and save money. They offer pre-move planning to help clients decide where they want everything to be located. There are experts on relocation you can consult in the company. The company offers special extra crating of fragile items.

5. U-pack

The company does not charge you for the services you don’t use. You can pack the furniture by yourself, load and unload the truck, and pay only for transportation. It offers affordable senior and student moving options. This company works across the country. If you need, you can order a delivery from door to door.

Which Company to Choose?

Read the description of each moving company carefully and think about the services you want to receive. If you are ready to pick one of them, contact the specialists and discuss their schedules and prices.

Once you use their services, don’t forget to leave your review. If you have some tips on moving to Brooklyn, share them with others in the comments below.


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