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Fortnite 23.50 Early Patch Notes: Release Date


The Fortnite 23.50 update is set to introduce a host of new content and fix some bugs in the game, according to early patch notes released today. Here is an overview of everything expected in this update:

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 is rapidly approaching, and the developers show no sign of slowing down when it comes to updates. Players have been treated to thrilling crossovers like The Witcher and Dead Space recently, as well as the Most Wanted event.

But the next patch is never far away, and 23.50 promises to be another major content update for fans to look forward to.

Here’s everything you should be aware of about the Fortnite 23.50 update, from its early patch notes to when it will release.

Fortnite 23.50 Update Release Date and Downtime Information

On Tuesday, February 28, 2023, Fortnite is expected to release version 23.50 with an extended downtime starting at 1 AM PT / 4 AM ET / 9 GMT.

Though no timeframe has been given for when servers will be back online, typically these updates take one to two hours before being restored.

Fortnite Update 23.50 Expected Content

Epic Games have yet to officially announce what is included in the 23.50 update, but leakers have shared what might be added. According to Shiina, this patch will bring a Creed 3 crossover, meaning players can expect an Adonis Creed skin on the store shelves.

With The Witcher’s Geral of Rivia’s 23.30 update, fans have earned the opportunity to earn a different look for their monster hunter by completing challenges.

Shiina also revealed that the 23.50 update will bring new Reality Augments, Weekly Quests, and weapons from and into the vault – though she did not provide further details.

Fortnite 23.50 Update – Bug Fixes

As is the case with each Fortnite patch, 23.50 will bring a number of fixes to the game. While we won’t know all the details until the patch notes are released, we can take a peek at what developers have in store through their public Trello board.

Here is a list of every bug expected to be addressed in the Fortnite 23.50 update:


  • Vi’s right eye often turns inward when using certain emotes.
  • Omega Knight features light grey/silver armor.
  • Emblem Wrap for Exiles appears yellow.
  • Battle Royale and Zero Build Mode
  • Are your School of Llama banners missing/greyed out?
  • Peely’s Plunder may unlock hidden riches in inaccessible places.

Mobile & Cloud Gaming

On Nintendo Switch, the ‘Archive’ button may be blocked by the ‘Redeploy Glider’ prompt in the Locker. Some Devices May Be Limited to 30 FPS

Fortnite 23.50 Update Patch Notes

As we wait for the full Fortnite 23.50 patch notes to be released, be sure to come back here to view a comprehensive breakdown of everything included in this update.

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