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Farmland Bunker Code & Location Revealed


Farmland Bunker Code & Location Revealed: The location and code for Farmland Bunker have finally been revealed. Learn where to look for the rural bunker, how to get inside it, and more.

The Location And Code For The Farmland Bunker Have Been Revealed

Farmland Bunker Code & Location Revealed

Call of Duty: Warzone, Call of Duty’s version on Battle Royale, has become a huge hit.

Call of Duty: Warzone is known for linking together content from previous Call of Duty games in the Warzone franchise and tease the players.

It has previously included material from Call of Duty’s most popular game, Modern Warfare 2, which was released last year.

Call of Duty: Warzone now includes material from Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War, the widely anticipated new game.

All of the new information that is being introduced to the game to tease the gamers is found out through Call of Duty’s historical movies that are broadcast online.

One of these recordings recently disclosed the location of the Farmland bunker.

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Location of the Farmland Bunker

Location of the Farmland BunkerLike all the other Call of Duty hints, the location and code for the Farmland bunker were revealed in a historical film.

The location of the Farmland bunker was revealed to be on the H6 grid of the battle royale map in Verdansk, at the lower right corner.

The Farmland Bunker is the largest building in Verdansk’s Farmland area with a keypad inside. It is locked by a door and can be unlocked by a code.

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Bunker Code for Farmland

On the Call of Duty 2020 teaser site, Warzone gamers were taunted with photos with codes for various bunkers on various VCRs. ‘49285163’ is the code to unlock the Farmland Bunker.

The player must look for a keypad to feed this code after entering the largest structure in Farmland in Verdansk.

The keypad is on a wall within the building, directly beneath the stairwell.

If the player enters the correct spot, no auditory cue will appear, but there should be a door on the left that may be opened now by entering the code.

What can you expect after you enter Farmland Bunker?

The Farmland Bunker is a clue-filled room. These clues can be utilized to either reveal additional easter eggs or solve new mysteries; the answer is still a mystery.

There is a little amount of loot in the room, but no supply boxes. A UAV scorestreak will be given to the player, which might be a very valuable tool.

This is thought to be the beginning of the mystery, which would eventually lead the players to the MP7 Mud Dauber Blueprint.

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