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Everything to Know Lisa Marie Presley Kids Lifestyle After Death Lisa Marie


Lisa Marie Presley Kids: Riley, Benjamin, Harper and Finley. Lisa Marie Presley was best known as Elvis’ daughter and mother to four children: Riley Keough, Benjamin Keough, Finley Lockwood and Harper Lockwood. On Jan. 12 at 54 years old, singer Debbie Harry passed away after suffering a suspected cardiac arrest at the hospital.

In 2014, she shared with Healthy Living her fierce loyalty and fierce love for her children: “They are my priority; that’s what I do – keep them close by me and ensure they are contented and healthy.”

Lisa Marie welcomed twin daughters Riley and Benjamin with her former husband Danny Keough, whom she was married to from 1988 until 1994. In 2008, Lisa Marie welcomed twin daughters Harper and Finley with then-husband Michael Lockwood before divorcing in 2016.

Lisa Marie Presley: Daughter of Elvis and Priscilla, Passes Away at 54: ‘The Most Strong and Loving Woman’ In July 2020, Benjamin took his life by suicide and Lisa Marie was left “beyond devastated”. For years afterward, she spoke candidly about her grief, posting tributes on Benjamin’s birthday and writing an emotional essay for PEOPLE magazine in 2022 about the experience.

“She was the most passionate, strong and loving woman I have ever known. We ask for privacy as we try to come to terms with this profound loss. Thank you for all of your kind thoughts and prayers – at this time there will be no further comment.” Here is all the information you need to know about Lisa Marie Presley’s four children.

To Know All About Lisa Marie Presley Kids

Here We will know more about Lisa Marie Presley’s four kids After death of Lisa Marie Presley What is the life style her kids .

Lisa Marie Presley Four Kids

1. Riley Keough

On May 29, 1989, Lisa Marie and her then-husband Danny welcomed their first child, Danielle Riley Keough. Riley has spoken candidly about growing up without feeling the weight of her famous grandfather’s legacy; in September 2007, she told Oprah Winfrey that while she knew who her grandfather was as a child, it wasn’t “this huge thing”.

No doubt Elvis has had an influential role in Riley’s life; when she attended the premiere of Mad Max: Fury Road with her mother and grandmother, they were affectionately known as “the Presley women.”

Riley began modeling in 2004, and two years later made her directorial debut with War Pony at the Cannes Film Festival. Riley expressed gratitude to be there alongside co-director Gina Gammell: “This has been a collaborative effort between all of us – this is truly our film!”

In 2015, Riley tied the knot with Australian stuntman Ben Smith-Petersen. They had been dating since January 2014 and reportedly met while filming Mad Max: Fury Road.

The Golden Globe nominee has publicly grieved the loss of her brother Benjamin since his passing. On their two month anniversary, Riley shared a photo of herself and Benjamin on Instagram with the message, “Two months without you. I would give anything for one more minute with you little brother,” she wrote.

2. Benjamin Keough

Lisa Marie and Danny’s second child, Benjamin Storm Presley Keough, was born on October 21, 1992. As he grew older, fans were quick to notice how much he resembled his grandfather Elvis.

At 27 years old, Benjamin tragically passed away by suicide in Calabasas, California. Following his passing in July 2020, Lisa Marie told PEOPLE she was “completely heartbroken, inconsolable and beyond devastated,” adding that while Benjamin had been her “love of life,” it is difficult for her to stay strong for her 11-year-old twins and oldest daughter Riley. Benjamin will always remain in her heart.”

Benjamin Presley’s friend Brandon Howard spoke to PEOPLE about Benjamin’s struggles with mental health and the “pressure” to live up to his name. “Sometimes he struggled with depression,” which is a serious issue given COVID-19 pandemic and everybody being locked in their house,” Brandon said.

“There’s so much pressure when you have family pressure and living up to a name and image; it can almost feel like  pressured into becoming something you aren’t.” It was beneficial for Benjamin to travel around the world and discover himself and have his own friends,” Brandon Howard added. “Each of us had our own paths.”

Howard remembered Benjamin as someone who always helped others even during his own struggle. “He has always been there for everybody,” Howard remarked. “In any kind of circumstance, he would come crash with you on the couch for weeks until you started feeling better.”

3. Younger Twins Harper and Finley Lockwood

In 2008, Lisa Marie announced she and her then-husband Lockwood were expecting twins. On October 7th of that same year, daughters Harper Vivienne Anne and Finley Aaron Love were born into the world!

Lisa Marie’s mother, Priscilla Presley, was present for each baby’s birth and said that she was “very thrilled” to become a grandmother again. Shortly after, Priscilla spoke to Entertainment Tonight about Lisa Marie and Lockwood: “Mother is doing fantastic,” she said. “Father is feeling nervous – he’s a first-time dad so it’s endearing to watch how delicately he holds and carries them.”

After 10 years of marriage, Lisa Marie filed for divorce from Lockwood in June 2016. They quickly got into a bitter custody battle, with Lisa Marie’s legal team alleging that disturbing photos of children had found on a computer belonging to Lockwood.

As a result, the twins  placed into protective custody and lived with their grandmother Priscilla until the matter  settled. “There has  much confusion, commotion and concern from all the talk circulating,” Priscilla shared on Facebook: “Let me put this to rest… the girls never placed into foster care… they will remain with me until all  resolved.”

In 2017, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation concluded its inquiry into these allegations, with Public Information Officer Josh DeVine telling PEOPLE, “Withholding any further potential evidence or information, we have concluded our involvement.

” They could not conclusively determine if a crime had taken place in Tennessee and thus do not have an open investigation.” Additionally, it made clear that no formal investigation had opened; rather, only an inquiry  conducted to “see if there is sufficient information” to open a case.

In October 2017, Lisa Marie took all three daughters to an ELLE Women in Hollywood event for the first time. It marked Lisa Marie’s first public appearance with all three girls together.

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