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Dee Dee Benkie: Everything To Know About Him


Dee Dee Benkie, an Emmy-winning television and radio personality and actress, is well-known for her role as a vampire in “Sicilian Vampire”. She was also the Republican National Convention chairwoman.

She is best-known as the wife of actor Paul Sorvino, who died at the age of 383 on July 25th.

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Everything you need to know about Dee Dee Benkie

Dee Dee Benkie has appeared on numerous national and international TV and radio programs over her more than twenty-year career.

She is also a member the Republican National Women’s Committee. Her previous stint in politics was as a strategist for and advisor to George W. Bush, the former US president.

Dee Dee has been featured on programs such as Comedy Central, Fox News channel and Fox Business Channel, RT Al Jazeera radio, WOR radio station, BBC, CBS morning show. The Talk channel, The Patriot channel, AM The Answer.

Dee Dee Benkie Notable Films

Dee Dee was a prominent actress in films such as ‘Price for Freedom,’ as Queen of Iran, and ‘My Jurassic Place,’ as Dr. Cassandra Grant.

She also starred in ‘Bad Blood,’ as Diana, and ‘Acts of Desperation,’ as Anna. Celia is in ‘Bad Impulse. Dee Dee was also seen in ‘Welcome to Acapulco’ and ‘Sicilian Vampire’.

Dee Dee and Mo Rocca were featured in the award-winning documentary Electoral Dysfunction. According to the producers, Dee Dee was “the most interesting person at Republican Convention by far.”

For her contributions to Fresh Outlook, an international talk show on EBRU TV, the 55-year old actress was awarded an Emmy Award.

She married the legendary actor Paul Sorvino in 2014. He is well-known for his role as Paul Cicero, the mob boss, in Goodfellas.

Dee Dee Benkie’s and Paul Sorvino’s Relationship

Paul Sorvino met Dee Dee Benkie when they were both interviewed by Fox News’ “Your World” with Neil Cavuto in 2013. She is Paul’s third wife and they have been married for over eight years.

Paul recently said in an interview with Los Angeles Times that “She took the seat after me… I was absolutely blown away when I saw her.” It was a beautiful blue dress and she has an aura about her. “Oh my God, this — this is going to be for me. ‘”

The couple’s first date at Del Frisco Steakhouse was just as memorable. After a long and passionate relationship, the couple got married a year later.

Dee Dee and her husband Paul Sorvino co-authored the best-selling book Pinot, Pasta & Parties. The couple has appeared on numerous TV shows, including Forbes and CBS’ The Talk. They also participated in many book events throughout the country.

Dee Dee Benkie Paul’s death

Yesterday Dee Dee Sorvino announced that her husband, Joe, had died from natural causes. She wrote, “I am devastated. The love of mine and the most amazing man that I have ever known is gone. I am heartbroken “

She said that she was devastated and there will never be another Paul Sorvino. He was my love and one of the greatest performers ever to grace the screen or stage.

She is the stepmother of three children – Mira Sorvino and Michael Sorvino.

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