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Evangelion Death True 2 – Best Movie Based On Death & Rebirth


Evangelion Death True 2 :  Neon Genesis Evangelion is coming to Netflix, but the series’ convoluted legacy of remakes, re-edits, and tie-in movies may be confusing even to fans of the mecha tale.

What are ‘End of Evangelion’ and ‘Death (True)2’ in ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’ on Netflix?

evangelion death true 2

In 1995, Japanese television broadcasted the first episode of Neon Genesis Evangelion. It began as an homage to mecha

Anime antecedents such as Mobile Suit Gundam, with Shinji Ikari, a teen, being forced to operate Evangelion Unit 01 by his controlling father.

Commander Gendo Ikari is the head of the NERV organisation, which was created to confront alien “Angels” after first encounter resulted in a cataclysmic event that killed over two billion humanity.

From there, Evangelion evolves into far more than a collection of huge fighting robots. As the true nature of the Evangelions and NERV’s secret ambitions, controlled by an even more mysterious ruling cabal, SEELE, is revealed.

Evangelion expanded into a wide investigation of the psychic barriers between individuals, the nature of consciousness, and mankind’s eventual fate.

The final two episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion’s 26-episode run don’t feature many climactic battles, instead focusing on Shinji’s subjectivity.

Which is depicted in a bewildering mix of photographs, scribbled line drawings, abstract imagery, and entire scenes of dialogue played out over static imagery.

Throughout its creation, the series strained deadlines, and many fans felt the ending was hurried or poorly thought out, the result of a director, Hideaki Anno, who hadn’t quite worked out how to close the series correctly.

In 1997, Anno and animation company Gainax released two films in response to overwhelming outcry, giving Neon Genesis Evangelion the splashy and spectacular ending it deserved.

From here, things become a little murky, especially since not all of the sequel to the original series will be available to stream as part of the Netflix contract.

Evangelion: Death (True) 2 and The End of Evangelion will be available on Netflix in addition to the 26 episodes of the original series.

‘Evangelion: Death(True)2’ is a sequel to Evangelion.
The most popular title for this film is Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth.

Which was initially released in two parts separated by a short interval. Death is a 67-minute clip presentation that wraps up the series. Rebirth is a 27-minute new tale that focuses on the political context that was left out of the series.

Which focused on Shinji’s interior psychological state. Japan’s military invades NERV headquarters to stop Gendo and NERV from carrying out their endgame, the Human Instrumentality Project (it’s a lengthy storey).

Evangelion episode director Masayuki re-edited Death & Rebirth for Japanese television in 1998.

Evangelion: Death was the title of this version (True). Later that year, Revival of Evangelion was created by combining a slightly revised version of Death(True) with The End of Evangelion, which restored a few shots Masayuki deleted from Death & Rebirth.

Revival used the version of Death(True) that will be released on Netflix as Evangelion: Death(True)2.

Death(True)2 is the version of Death & Rebirth that Western viewers of Evangelion are most likely already familiar with, as the edit was released in box sets under the title Revival of Evangelion.

Have you gotten all of that? This leads us to…

‘The End of Evangelion’ is the final episode of the anime series Evangelion.

While Death (True) 2 will be compulsory watching for completists and diehards, The End of Evangelion, one of the most mind-bending and disturbing films ever made, has largely eclipsed all versions of Death & Rebirth.

The Rebirth chapter of Death & Rebirth is the first half of the film, and it depicts the deteriorating political situation on the ground as the Japanese military tries to stop Gendo, resulting in a carnage.

But it’s too late, and what happens next will have irreversible consequences for humanity…

So that’s what to expect when Neon Genesis Evangelion premieres on Netflix in spring 2019.

Anno’s Rebuild of Evangelion, a quadrilogy of movies that retell the tale of the original series with some significant revisions (especially in the latest, Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo), isn’t included (or, at least, hasn’t been announced yet).

Evangelion: 3.0+1.0, the final instalment in the series, is set to debut in 2020.

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