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Ella French: Who Was She? Know How & Where She Was Shot


Ella French Was Shot and Killed in the Line of Duty: Officer French, a member of the community safety team, saved the life of a newborn during the Englewood mass shooting. She immediately took the baby in her squad car to the hospital.

When the shooter shot Officer French, she was critically injured and rushed to the hospital in her squad car. The officer’s mother adopted her brother when they were infants.

Ella and her brother grew up in an orphanage, and Officer French is the proud mother of their two daughters. Follow chopnews to get more updates

Ella french: A probationary officer

ella french

Police Officer Ella French was killed in a shooting while performing a traffic stop. She was only 29 years old and had been on the police force for six years.

According to the Chicago Police Department, French was killed while her partner was in the hospital. A male suspect was also arrested in the shooting.

He had served with the Chicago Police Department for six years. The shooting was caught on video, and both suspects are currently under investigation.

Police say that Morgan, 24, was arrested for a misdemeanor hit-and-run the day of the shooting. He is scheduled for a court hearing on Tuesday.

French’s death came as a shock to the community, as she was not married or in a relationship. She did not have any children.

Although she was a probationary officer, French was not eligible for maternity leave and had no plans to get married.

Ella French a community safety team member

Police officers from the Chicago police department are mourning the death of officer Ella French, who was killed on the job earlier this month.

French, a member of a team that patrols areas where crime is high, was killed in the line of duty by an SUV driver’s brother.

The details surrounding the accident are still being investigated, but French was described as a bright student by her colleagues.

The family of the slain Chicago police officer, Ella French, has released a letter in which she thanks the public for their support.

The officer, 29, was shot during a traffic stop in the city’s West Englewood neighborhood.

Her partner, Carlos Yanez, was critically injured and is now facing lifelong disability. The Chicago Police Department initially declined to identify French, but her family demanded an identity be released.

Since the officer’s death, the community safety team has poured condolences from police departments across the country.

How Ella was Killed?

Officer Ella French, 29, was shot and killed while conducting a traffic stop in Chicago. Her partner was also critically injured in the incident.

A suspect, Emonte Morgan, has been arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder and attempted murder.

Police say he is a convicted felon and used a gun in the shooting. Eric Morgan is also charged with obstruction of justice. A funeral service is set for Thursday.

One of the suspects in the incident was wounded and was rushed to Advocate Christ Medical Center. Two other suspects were also injured and have been taken into custody.

It is not yet known why the suspect car was stopped. The officers were wearing body cameras and videotaped much of the incident. The police recovered a gun from the vehicle.

The investigation continues. The officers were a part of the Community Safety Team, which was formed last summer.

Ella’s Marital Status

According to reports, Chicago police officer Ella French is not married. She did not have children. There was no record of her having a relationship or marriage, and her brother Andrew French, the sister of the deceased officer, has confirmed this.

Neither did her boyfriend, who is still in jail, nor her father, who was an officer who died in the line of duty. The Chicago Sun-Times reported that French is not married.

The police department has announced that they will investigate the case. The murder of a police officer has sparked nationwide interest.

The shooting of the officers was the most shocking news in recent memory. Officers across the nation have mourned the loss of the officer. It is unclear what prompted French to shoot her partner, but the shooting is certainly shocking.

This is why a vigil has been held in her honor. The vigil has gathered people to pray for the family.

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