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Discovering the Hidden Gems of Minas Gerais


Minas geraes, known as General Mines in Portuguese, is a state in southeastern Brazil renowned for its vibrant history and breathtaking landscape. During the 18th century, Minas Gerais experienced an infamous gold rush which led to the discovery of some of the world’s largest gold mines.

Nowadays, visitors to Minas Gerais can admire impressive colonial-era architecture, stunning natural wonders, as well as delicious cuisine that showcases the region’s cultural diversity.

Colonial Architecture in Ouro Preto

Minas geraes

Ouro Preto, meaning Black Gold, a colonial town situated in Minas Gerais that has recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its stunning Baroque architecture.

Established during the 17th century and once at the epicenter of Minas Gerais’ gold rush, Today visitors can marvel at impressive churches, museums, and mansions that tell the tale of this region’s colonial past.

Capitol Hill in Belo Horizonte

Belo Horizonte, the capital of Minas Gerais state, offers a vibrant and modern perspective of their state’s history. One must-visit attraction here is Capitol Hill – an impressive complex housing the state government offices. Visitors can take a guided tour inside this impressive building and savor breathtaking panoramas of the city from its summit.

Experience nature at its most majestic in Serra do Cipo! Waterfalls and mountains await you there!

Serra do Cipo, otherwise known as Cipo Mountain Range, is a national park located in northeastern Minas Gerais state of Brazil. It’s renowned for its breathtaking waterfalls, rugged mountains and diverse flora and fauna. Visitors can hike or swim along its trails while taking in stunning views of crystal-clear waterfalls while taking pleasure in its stunning natural surroundings.

Cuisine in Tiradentes

Tiradentes, named for a Brazilian hero who led the fight for independence from Portugal, renowned for its delectable cuisine. Restaurants here serve traditional Minas Gerais dishes like the feijao tropeiro (beans and pork) or pao de queijo (cheese bread). Visitors may also sample local wine and liqueurs made from fruits grown nearby.


Minas Gerais is full of surprises and hidden gems. From Ouro Preto’s colonial architecture to Serra do Cipo’s natural splendors, visitors can explore this state’s captivating history, culture, and landscape. Tiradentes cuisine adds a modern flair to the region’s traditional charm while Belo Horizonte adds an exciting modern vibe. Discovering these hidden treasures will truly be an unforgettable experience.

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