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Discover The Benefits of Resveratrol In Red Wine For Heart Health



Discover The Benefits of Resveratrol In Red Wine For Heart Health: Lovers of red wine have good news- wine is good for the heart. The reason being red wine has resveratrol that has a positive impact on the heart of your heart. Regular consumption of red wine averts coronary heart disease that is the trigger for most heart ailments. In fact, coronary artery disease also leads to heart attacks in men and women.

Discover The Benefits of Resveratrol In Red Wine For Heart Health

Red Wine For Heart Health

The link between resveratrol and red wine

The association between red wine and resveratrol is not completely understood as of now. However, experts in healthcare believe that the presence of antioxidants in red wine increases the levels of high -density lipoprotein or the good cholesterol in the heart known in its abbreviated form as HDL. This prevents the accumulation of cholesterol in the heart.  

Though the news of red wine consumption daily sounds great, doctors generally are wary of recommending the above to people especially if they have a history of alcohol abuse in their families. Doctors say that too much alcohol or red wine should be avoided. It should be taken in moderation if you wish to enjoy its benefits for health.

The need to buy good wine

When it comes to the consumption of red wine, experts say that one should always consume a good quality of wine to get the best health results. There are several brands available in the market, and if you are a first-time buyer of red wine, you should buy your bottle from trusted names in the market like Sokolin Wines. A good brand of wine will ensure that you get optimal health benefits when you consume it daily.

Ways that red wine helps the heart

So how does red wine help you with improving heart health?

There has been a number of studies, and it has been observed that red wine helps the heart in the following ways-

  • It increases the “good cholesterol” or the HDL in the body
  • Reduces blood clots
  • Stops damage to the artery by LDL cholesterol or the harmful cholesterol
  • Improves the cell layer that line blood vessels in the body (endothelium)

What do the doctors suggest?

When it comes to the consumption of red wine, doctors suggest you should always drink it in moderation. This reduces the risks of heart disease. Note if you are not careful too much of red wine will damage your pancreas and kidneys. Remember, that when it comes to alcohol, red wine is always better over beer and other alcoholic spirits in the market.

Last but not least, when it comes to the daily consumption of red wine, women and men till the age of 65 years should drink one glass. Men below the age of 65 years should drink one to two glasses of red wine to enjoy its benefits. Remember, when you are drinking wine for a good heart, ensure you buy it from trusted brands so that you get great taste and flavor while you relish your glass and promote the health of your heart with success!


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