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Dial Durr Burger Number and To Complete this Challenge, you Must first Locate the Phones


Dial Durr Burger Number: Rivalry has reached a fever pitch, with both Fortnite fast food joints completing their new shops in Retail Row.

In recognition of their recent completion, there’s a new task in week 8 of season 8 that requires you to engage with both of them in an unusual manner.

First, dial the Durr Burger phone number on the huge phone west of Fatal Fields, according to Fortnite.
What’s going on here?

Yes, two large phones were placed on the map expressly for this task in the most recent patch.

But I also have a hypothesis that there are secret numbers you can dial on the phones, though I’m not sure whether any have been discovered yet.

To complete this challenge, you must first locate the phones, and if you want to play around, try different numbers.

The second part of this is the Pizza Pit phone number, which you can get here if you need it.

It turns out there’s no need to start hunting for the phone number on Retail Row, though you’re welcome to do so if you want to check out the new food rivalry.

Rather, the phone’s number is on the phone itself, which is located far west of Fatal Fields, all the way in the ice zone on top of a small little hill that you will either have to land on or work your way up to.

It’s not a place you’d come across by chance on your travels.

If it’s more convenient for you, here’s where it is on the map:

When you get to the phone, you’ll notice that the number is clearly written on it. The phone number for Durrr Burger is 555-0152.

This is a rotary phone, which I’m confident that around 70% of Fortnite’s youthful playerbase has never seen or used.

But, for all intents and purposes, “hitting the number” is all that is required.

If you wish to stand on the phone and whack the number with your pickaxe, the rotary part of the phone will send you on a confusing ride (don’t worry, the phone isn’t destructible).

Standing in front of it and shooting the numbers is your best bet. There should be a chest nearby where you can grab at least one weapon.

But there’s a word of warning. Make sure you’re using weapons with only one shot. I

I tried it with a burst AR, but the bullets seemed to count as three hits on the number, therefore it didn’t work.

Individual shots were the only ones that worked for me, and you know you’ve done it right when the phone rings twice.

I’m not sure if there’s an additional message that appears when this challenge is completely operational, but there wasn’t one when I was fiddling around with it in Playground yesterday.

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