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Brad Raffensperger beats Jody Hice in a GOP primary

Election Results: Brad Raffensperger vs. Jody Hice for Georgia Secretary of State

The election results for the Georgia Republican primary have been released, and Brad Raffensperger defeated Jody Hice for the party's nomination. In this article,...
Forno Beach Brazil

Top 5 Best Beaches in Brazil

Top 5 Best Beaches in Brazil: Hey guys welcome to another interesting article. This article is for people who love partying, enjoying, and spending...
Dogs Can Detect Your True Intentions

Dogs Can Detect Your True Intentions Through Cute Treat Experiment, Research Shows

A Fun Experiment With Treats, Dogs Are able to See Your true intentions Your dog is watching you and knows that. They are always attentive,...
Montecito mudslide

Montecito Mudslide: Know All About This Deadly Mudslide

The Montecito mudslide was a very deadly event, which occurred in Southern California in early January of 2018. This series of mudflows affected areas...