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Brent Rivera: Here’s What You Need To Know About His Relationships


Vine, similar to TikTok is responsible for making stars of many influencers. Vine introduced a new breed of influencers to the scene, including Brent Rivera.

Brent Rivera is well-known for creating videos on a variety of topics and has helped to make him a celebrity on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and many more.

While it is common for influencers and celebrities to date their peers, there has been a lot of discussion about Brent’s romance life.

Brent Rivera is dating who? We’ll show you his main lady.

Brent Rivera is currently in a relationship with fellow YouTuber Pierson Woldzynski.

People who are hoping to get a shot at Brent might need to reconsider their plans. Sportskeeda claims that Brent has been booed by YouTuber Pierson Widzynski every year since 2020.

Pierson’s TikTok videos of her dancing and lip-synching first made her famous. Pierson went on to secure tons of brand partnerships, including Colgate.

The outlet shared that Pierson and Brent first met on the dating show date takeover. This featured Brent’s younger sister Lexi choosing who to date Brent.

Pierson ruled supreme, even though they never actually dated — Brent was with his ex-girlfriend YouTuber Eva Gutowski.

After the show, Brent and Pierson maintained their friendship, appearing often in social content on each other’s pages. After Brent and Eva parted ways, Brent, Pierson and their relationship became a couple.

Brent Rivera was also married to Morgan Justus, apart from Eva Gutowski.

Brent is a social media influencer. Sportskeeda was created by Brent and Morgan Justus in June 2017. Their relationship ended in October 2017.

It is interesting to note that there are very few details regarding the circumstances surrounding Morgan and Brent’s breakup. There could have been multiple reasons that Brent and Morgan parted ways, given their short time together.

Morgan and Brent are not currently following each other on social media.

After playing for a while, Brent finally started dating Eva in 2019. The relationship was reportedly close to being dissolved.

Sportskeeda shared that Brent and Eva made tons of YouTube content as friends in 2016. Brent knew Eva loved him, and he often flirted with her.

Eva became tired of Brent’s alleged leadership and decided to stop making it official. Eva and Brent agreed that their flirty banter was ruining their friendship, and they decided to end all content together in 2018.

According to the outlet, Brent shared a video late in 2018 saying that he missed Eva and wanted to try a relationship. They began to date in 2019 but ended up splitting in 2020.

Brent and Morgan are no longer in the same place, but Brent and Eva are still great friends. They also continue to support each other on social media.

While Brent’s past relationship life was not without its ups and downs, it seems that Pierson and Brent are now stronger than ever. It’s a beautiful thing to be young in love.

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