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Bracelet Charger and Other Wearable Tech You Need to Own Now


Bracelet Charger and Other Wearable Tech You Need to Own Now: Bracelet chargers are truly an innovation in wearable tech. These are crafted from top-quality materials, and designed to charge and synchronize your devices in style. There are various situations when you would need to carry a charger with you, especially when traveling far from power outlets, such as on a picnic trip or for a photography event. 

Bracelet Charger and Other Wearable Tech You Need to Own Now

However, conventional phone chargers are bulky and need a power outlet to work. Although several types of power packs are available today, these too become cumbersome after some time, especially when you have too many things in your pocket already. Taking your charger with you outdoors also creates the risk of the charger getting damaged and even risk losing it. 

Hence, wearable charging devices are a handy solution for those who are always on the move. With a bracelet USB charger, you no longer have to worry about remembering to pack your charging cable and charger every time you step out of the house. 

It is an extremely efficient solution for charging your device in case of an emergency. It is an extremely lightweight and efficient charging solution for all USB-charged devices. 

If you do not have the latest in wearable tech, then you might quickly be in the minority. Wearable tech, such as a bracelet charger, smartwatches, and fitness trackers are becoming increasingly popular as they provide an incredible level of efficiency and ease. There are immense varieties of wearable tech available today, making our lives healthier and easier. 

We tasked our tech experts to use and review the latest in wearable tech and select the best of the tech that the readers need to own now. 

4 Best Wearable Techs for 2020

Check out the list of must-have wearable tech which our tech experts highly recommend readers to own in 2020:

1. Apple Watch – Series 3

Apple Watches are the craze in the gadget world. Besides making your wrist look fashionable and chic, this wearable tech brings immense functionality to your daily lives. Apple Watches let you receive and make calls from your wrist, request Siri to send messages promptly, connect you with your Spotify account whenever and wherever you want, or even find your way to meet with a new client all in a jiffy. 

Apple’s smartwatch is also programmed to keep you fit and healthy. It has automatic work detection and built-in fitness tracking functions. Apple Watch gives wearers incredible freedom and yet offers optimal functionality which they seek from their iPhone. 

2. Armilo Bracelet

How about combining your Apple Watch with a sleek, wrist-mounted bracelet charger? The incredible gadget from Armilo balances functionality and fashion perfectly. It is a designer braided-leather bracelet which can be unwound to become a USB cable which plugs into any USB port. You can easily charge up your phone or smartwatch on the go by plugging it with Torro bracelet to any car stereo, laptop or portable energy bank. 

For those who need to travel frequently and need guaranteed recharge functionality for their gadgets, this bracelet charger works wonderfully. Time to switch from the conventional yet complicated tangle-prone USB cable to a sleek, fashionable wrist-bound charger cable. 

3. Sensoria Smart Socks

Smart fabric technology has advanced with leaps and bounds within a short period of time. Sensoria Smart Socks are an incredible gift for every dedicated health lover who is passionate about their daily runs. These smart socks are made from a unique anti-bacterial, breathable, anti-blistering fabric. It even comes with built-in pressure pads that monitor your running style and suggests ways to improve your distance, time, and pace. 

These smart socks connect easily with your smartphone through an app and use AI technology to provide real-time tips while you run. If you wish to become a better runner and reach your health goals faster and with more efficiency, we highly recommend ordering the Sensoria connected socks online now. 

4. Bragi Dash Pro Wireless Earphones

Wearable technologies quickly adapted a cord-free theme after their launch a few years back. The Bragi Dash Pro earphones take wireless technology a step further. These are truly the pioneers in wireless, intelligent earphones as they connect readily with your smartphone or iPod and stream your favorite tracks completely hands-free. 

These earphones come with built-in AI technology that keeps track of your daily activities, such as running, swimming or cycling. 

We highly recommend buying these 4 wearable techs, including the bracelet charger, to complete your high-tech accessory ensemble. 

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