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How Do Blue Light Glasses Save You From Screens?


Do you find it difficult to concentrate on texts on your devices? Are you rubbing your eyes frequently while working on your laptop or watching television? You are not the only one experiencing this.

The impact of these screens is unanimous worldwide. There must be something common in these devices that causes such unpleasant user experiences. Blue light is emitted in large amounts when these devices are switched on, causing discomfort in the eyes and developing a wide range of health problems. Blue light glasses protect you from these dangerous side effects of screens.

Here is how Blue light glasses save you from screens: 

Presence Of Blue Light In All Devices

Visible light allows viewing colors and brightness through the projection of different wavelengths. Computer, laptop, mobile, and television screens work due to LED ( Light Emitting Diode) technology. These LED technologies initially found it challenging to produce visible light. 

Yellow, red, and green light was successfully made by tweaking impurities in many semiconductors. There was still a struggle in generating blue light. Finally, Indium Gallium Nitride was used to create blue light. 

About thirty percent of visible light in devices is made up of blue light.

Nature Of Blue Light And Impact On Humans

Blue light falls on the end of the light spectrum that is short in length but has high energy content. There is no light shorter than blue-violet light. A blue light starts from a length of 380 nanometers.

Different eye tissues react to varying wavelengths in their own way. All the rays of blue light reach the retina through the cornea. This is because the short length of blue light allows it to pass through our retina without being blocked.

Impact Of Blue Light Glasses On Blue Lights

The blue light glasses have a filter or coating that keeps blue light from getting through your glasses. Very low levels of blue light reach your eyes depending on the shade of tint present in your glasses. Dark yellow-tinted glasses are most helpful in shielding you from blue rays. You can wear these glasses every day, irrespective of your age. You can also incorporate the value of prescription glasses in these blue light lenses.


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