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Best Sports Data API Providers


Have you ever imagined how sports websites deliver real-time scores during the game? It’s not possible to update the data manually during live games. Well, this all process is done through Application Programming Interface (API).

So, many sports websites use API services to automate the data displayed on your screen. If you also want to automate the authentic data accessibility on your website, we have mentioned the list of the nine best sports data API providers. It will make your website sync with the frequent sports update.

What is API?

Application Programming Interface is a connection between different computers or computer programs. It is the software interface that provides service to the other platforms with some specific keys. This API service is commonly used by several businesses to interlink the data with each other.

Have you ever imagined how you do you track your order on Amazon? Amazon has an API service of Google map through which Amazon can access needful allowed data from google. In the same way, many sports websites use API to provide you with real-time updates, regular seasons data, and historical stats. The services are offered by the sports API providers, and all their information is discussed below.

Quick Benefits of Using Sports API

  • Collect intellectual data.
  • Improves productivity.
  • Save expenses.
  • Improve connectivity.
  • Enhance customer experience.
  • Automate the data.
  • Encourage innovation.
  • Easily integrated.
  • Creates new revenue opportunities.

Top 9 Best Sports Data API Providers

1) Cricket Live Score API

This API offers information on various cricket data, including live scores, commentary, players, partnerships, series, matches, teams, and much more. It gathers all the stats of the ODI matches, IPL, BPL, T20, ICC Trophies, World Cup, and Test.

Cricket Live Score provides API tutorials to the new users to solve frequent queries; You can also discuss your problem with other users on the platforms. It comes at a very affordable price, whereas they charge nothing for the basic plan. 

2) The Rundown API

The Rundown is known to deliver the fastest and most accurate stats, scores, schedules, and real-time odds from the major sportsbooks. This API gives access to the worldwide range of games, tournaments, and league matches. If you want to bet, this is the ideal API as it offers all the essential statistics needed in betting decisions.

This API’s has a minimum charge as its basic plan starts at $24.99 per month. Its Pro plan has a $49.99 per month plan.

3) Biaksib

Buaksib API helps the users get an accurate prediction of the upcoming soccer matches and results of past matches and helps monitor the statistical model. It contains data of 2147 football teams from 146 national leagues around 92 countries in the world. You can check it on their football livescore page that called ผลบอลสด in Thai language.

4) API-Football API

It is one of the fastest API’s as its real-time matches and events update every 15 seconds. It covers more than 900 leagues of football, flashes live scores, statistics, and pre-matches odds. Apart from that, they have several years of historical data and contain fantasy football.

Its plan starts from $19 per month and goes up to $39 per month. With this plan, they support 24/7 customer care executives. If you have any queries, they will be solved within 24 hrs.

5) Sportspage Feeds

Sportspage Feed has detailed information about teams and scheduled matches, flash real-time scores, and information on betting odds. It contains all the information about football and basketball matches.

Talking about its charges, then there is no charge for the basic plan but goes up to $139 for the Mega plan.


API-NBA provides stats on live scores, current seasons, schedules of matches, teams, and news. It gathers information about the games like cricket, basketball, football, and tennis. Flash lives core and others update within no time.

They charge a very affordable price which starts from $15 per month and goes up to $35 for a mega plan. There is no charge for the basic plan, and you can grab the service for free.

7) API-Basketball

This API focuses on basketball which includes more than 370 Basketball leagues. It provides accurate live scores containing historical data and statistics of various players. They use API’s keys to maintain the authenticity to secure personal data.

Its services start at $10 per month and $20 per month for the highest plan. And there are no fees for basic plans.

8) Premier League Live Scores

The dedicated API for football, cricket, basketball, tennis, and hockey. This API offers the real-time score, retrieves historical data, and updates current season results, lineup, events, and odd statistics of the match.

Comes at a very affordable price with no charges in the basic plan. You pursue the advanced plan when you get satisfied with the service.

9) Live Score API

Live Score API is a highly-quality soccer API’s. This API contains the relevant information about the league matches, tournaments, world cup, etc. It provides services with instant updates of the score, match event, statistics, and history data. It covers 400+ competitions worldwide. Moreover, it records 2000+ subscriptions per hour in around 140 countries. Important thing here is to test if your site is fully accessible from different countries and locations. For example, you can use one of the VPNs for China to understand if site is accessible for Chinese visitors. 

Final Verdict

In this article, we have mentioned some of the best sports data API’s providers which will help you to grow your site and sports-related businesses. API’s or Application Programming Interface is being used in several industries. This helps to make the work easier as it can automate the data and saves both time and the consumption the money. 

APIs connect different companies and helps to build healthy relationships. Nowadays, many sports websites are growing using the same method. They can deliver the relevant information to the people in a given time. Using API’s, there is no need to feed the data manually. Just integrate the dedicated API code to your site and let the work to be done by the service provider.