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Best Kids Headphones Of 2023: Here’s What To Check


Here are some headphones that you can buy for your child. We have tested a variety of models and are confident that you will find one that suits your needs.

You will find models from iClever as well as Puro SoundLabs and Happy Plugs in this list.

Happy Plugs’ Play headphones

They are attractive and well-made, making them a practical choice for children. They can also be used safely. These batteries can run for hours without charging and come with an easy-to-use dock.

Happy Plugs Play headphones don’t come cheap. The headphones are about $80.00.

They are high quality and built to last, so expect them to be affordable at around $80.00 While this may seem like a lot to spend on a pair of headphones, the quality is worth it. Happy Plugs does not cut corners on components.

LilGadgets PRO Connect+

The LilGadgetsConnect+ PRO headphone is great for kids. These headphones are made with kid-safe technology and are available in pink, blue, purple, and white.

They can fold up for transport and storage. These ear cups also have passive noise reduction to improve sound quality.

The best thing about the headphones is its ability to share media. There’s a built-in SharePort. The SharePort allows multiple headphones to be connected to one device.

After you are done listening you can easily remove the headphones to connect it to another device.

iClever BTH12

The iClever BTH12 Kid’s Headphones offer Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. These headphones are lightweight, have a sturdy headband and comfortable earpads.

They also come with a battery. The headband slider is soft and adjustable to ensure your child’s ears are secure and comfortable.

Also included is a plastic bag as well as an instruction manual, a 3.5mm-to 3.5mm patch cord and an instruction guide.

The bag makes it easy for you to carry the headphones around from one device to the next. For four hours, a 10 second charge will provide you with power.

JLab Audio JBuddies

JLab Audio Jbuddies Kids headphones provide a comfortable and safe listening experience for your child.

Available in both a folding and non-folding version, they feature an inline microphone for calls and a volume limiter to ensure safety.

With a lifetime guarantee and six color combinations, they are a great choice for a youngster’s entertainment.

JBuddies Studio Pro headphones, designed for children older than 10, feature a plush faux leather or pillow-soft headband.

You can also hide the hearing protection switch. These headphones are great for children aged 8 to 12 years old and provide a huge 35+ hour of playtime.

Puro Basics

Headphones for children should have good sound quality, and be able to control the volume. These two things are important because they are great tools to help prevent hearing loss later on.

Comfortable and enjoyable headphones are the best for children. They will also be durable, so they will last a long time.

The range of options available to you includes a plain over-the ear design and a fully-featured headset with an integrated microphone.


The best kids headphones in-ear, Snug play+ headphones. They are aimed at kids from 2-10 and have 15 bright designs to choose from. The headphones have soft, cushioned earcups and an adjustable volume limiter.

Sound quality is excellent for its price. Maximum volume is 93 decibels. This is great for kids, but is a bit more than the 85 decibels recommended by most manufacturers.

A share port allows you to connect two headphones at once. Many headphones designed for children have this function. Some models even come with a microphone.

Puro Sound Labs (BT2200)

Puro Sound Labs is a manufacturer of consumer electronics and audio products. The BT2200 wireless headphones are “Kid-Friendly”. These headphones are unique in that they offer a young audience a completely new experience.

With an adjustable headband, the headphones are sturdy and durable. The headphones also feature Bluetooth and a mic built into them.

They are also designed to filter out any ambient noise. These features help minimize the chance of a child becoming tangled in a cable or getting distracted.

The 85dB built-in sound level limiter is also an important feature. This limit is recommended by the Hearing Health Foundation and the World Health Organization.