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Benefits of Geofencing Offers for Your Business


Benefits of Geofencing Offers for Your Business: Are you just about to set foot in your car to get home, when your phone buzzes in your pocket, with a notification of what the traffic is like and how long the ride is you expect? This is known as geofencing. A marketing tactic to target local people in the local area. Basically, geofencing allows you to place virtual fences around any area you choose, and to any size you want. When users of your application then enter your area, they will be presented with a push notification promoting your application, your service, or your product.

Benefits of Geofencing Offers for Your Business

If you choose to build a mobile app for your business, you probably already know that push notifications are one of the most effective features you can get to benefit from. Via push notifications, you can send a message to everyone who has downloaded or used your app, whether they open the app or not. Geofencing helps you remember them all the time because you can communicate directly with them with great deals, updates to your company information, some of the latest industry news, or the latest product releases that you are preparing to release to the market. When creating your area, your app users can be sent push notifications as soon as they set foot in your area, or even when they leave. This is a great option when striving to increase customer engagement because your app users will hear about you when they are up close and in very close proximity!

If you’re wondering if it’s a little too much of a hassle to set up or if you’re actually getting a return for doing so, consider some of these stats around location-based targeting:

– Currently, approximately 30% of the world’s population uses or is affected by location-based targeting
– 80% of people say they want or are happy to receive targeted location messages from businesses
– If they get something in return, 70% of consumers will be happy to share their location
– If they were close to the business, 72% of consumers would follow up with a call to action received via push notification
– 60% of people now search for local information on their cell phones, while 40% search for information on the go.

Local Optimization Improvements

In highly desirable local searches, geofencing can be a very powerful tool helping you to rank higher. Since the location-based system allows you to target local customers in a specific area of your choosing, it makes your message very timely and relevant.

Enhanced Data Collection

It can be difficult to know how your customers found out about you or why they chose you. However, geofencing allows you to collect more enhanced data. You will be able to measure how long someone stays on your settings, the effectiveness of the messages you send via push notifications, how often they are near you, and the frequency they visit.

Offers a Personal Element

By using the data as outlined above, you will be in a much better place to offer a more personalized experience for your mobile app users. You can see which messages appeal to the local population, what best describes them, and what kinds of things you need to avoid.

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