On Saturday, September 19, Ashley Marton revealed that she has left Jay Smith again and that this time might even be the last time.

Given the number of “second chances” that Ashley has awarded Jay, some fans aren’t so sure.

But she is sure — it’s over for good. And this time, it’s not even because of any (new) cheating!

Now, Ashley is speaking to Celeb about the negotiations that had only just begun when she and Jay were together.

The two of them were this close to coming back on reality TV.

But … was their whole reconciliation just a ploy to stay relevant?

Here’s what Ashley has to say:

Were we cheated out of an Ashley + Jay show?

“Jay and I were in talks to do some more reality television,” Ashley acknowledges in a new interview with CELEB.

That’s not why they reconciled, though

That's not why they reconciled, though

“To be clear, though,” she clarifies, “Jay and I did not get back together with the intention of returning to television and getting more fame/notoriety/exposure.”

Once was enough … mostly

Once was enough ... mostly

“After we left 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? the last time,” Ashley recalls, “we both had enough of being in the public light and getting that exposure.”

There were other options

There were other options

“If we wanted to strictly stick to reality TV,” she noted, “there are other shows we could have gone on to do.”

So why DID they get back together?

So why DID they get back together?

“We got back together because I really wanted to give it another try and I really wanted to make it work,” Ashley stresses.

For the last time … probably …

For the last time ... probably ...

“As I said when I announced my separation from Jay,” Ashley begins, before interrupting herself to declare “and, to be clear, this time it is final.”

Ashley blames herself

Ashley blames herself

“it was me who couldn’t get over the cheating in the past,” Ashley laments, as if that were some sort of shortcoming instead of just the result of having a working memory.

Jay hadn’t even cheated again (yet)

Jay hadn't even cheated again (yet)

“He did not cheat again,” Ashley says. This marks their first breakup not DIRECTLY caused by Jay’s penis!

She doesn’t blame him

She doesn't blame him

“He did not do anything wrong this time…”

She tries to explain

She tries to explain

“But it’s like someone who has PTSD,” Ashley says, making an awkward analogy. “I couldn’t get over it no matter how hard I tried to.”

There were some talks

There were some talks

“With that being said, though,” Ashley reveals, “we were in some preliminary talks for a reality TV return while we were still together.”

Those were simpler times

Those were simpler times

“And while things were going well,” she adds, “and we were happy.”

They were entertaining the idea

They were entertaining the idea

“We were willing to talk about this once my agent was contacted,” Ashley shares.

But …

But ...

Ashley expresses: “but we were skeptical.”

What was holding them back?

What was holding them back?

“Knowing that reality shows like to showcase drama and hone in on arguments, etc,” Ashley explains.

They needed a strong foundation

They needed a strong foundation

“We weren’t sure when our relationship had already been through so much, and was finally in a good place,” Ashley clarifies, “if we wanted to go there again.”

But this time, TV was not to blame

But this time, TV was not to blame

“Again, to be clear, getting ‘back on TV’ had nothing to do with why Jay and I rekindled our relationship or why it ended,” Ashley reiterates.

Is she done with TV forever?

Is she done with TV forever?

No. Ashley shares: “If I were to be approached regarding future television projects, I would potentially be open to them.”

However …

However ...

Ashley says that she has potential interest “but it’s not something I’m actively in conversations with or vying for.”

She knows that it’s not easy

She knows that it's not easy

“I’ve been through the wringer on TV- and on social media,” Ashley acknowledges.

She has enough going on as it is

She has enough going on as it is

“So, at this point,” Ashley concludes, “I’m trying to just pick up the pieces and move forward with my life.”


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