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Anupama Written Episode 30th November 2022


We are pleased to share a written update on the Anupama. This serial is extremely popular and has had great ratings on TV. Read on to find more about Anupama Written Episode 30th November 2022.

Know about Anupama Written Episode 30 Nov 2022

Vanraj is the protagonist of this episode. Anupama is told by Vanraj that there’s a fine line between being brilliant and being stupid.

He says that she is obviously stupid. Vanraj claims that police are capable of catching the criminal, but they aren’t as competent as they have been being influenced.

Anupama claims she believes in Indiam law. Anuksuh told her that Shah had placed guard at Shah’s home. We have more information on the episode, and will share it in this article.

Vanraj requests Anupama that Anupama step back, or she will die. She will also drag them. He said he couldn’t see Pakhi in such a condition.

Anupama believes that Dimple is also someone’s child. She is then contacted by the inspector. Anupama apologizes to Shah’s family and leaves.

Barkha and Ankush join her. Vanraj tells Shahs that Anupama may be crazy, but that they will still use their brains. He tells Shahs to not get out of his way until he has spoken. Kavya then asks Vanraj why Vanraj is so afraid, as he is a father.

Vanraj tells his family that he is dependent on their support. Dimple attempts to escape, but she thinks of Anuj & Anupama because they are great people.

She can’t trouble them. Dimple breaks down, and says that she learned about what happened with Pakhi.

She claims her parents are not looking for her. Dimple claims she cannot see them this way.

Anupama captures Dimple and tells her not to be scared that her suspects have been detected. The inspector calls her to tell her that she recognized the boys. Dimple is determined to go.

Anupama later tries to convince Dimple to stay. Vanraj requests Samar and Pakhi to stay with him until everything is fixed. Vanraj refuses Adhik’s request.

Vanraj believes he will not let Anupama’s greatness ruin his family. Anupama & Anuj encourage Dimple fight back.

Anu questions Dimple if she will punish the bad boys. She replies that she will go along if she is afraid. Pakhi blames Anupama because she brought trouble into her own life.

Adhik is with Anupama. Adhik and Pakhi start to argue. Pakhi decides that she will change her faith. Don’t miss the entire episode of Anupama on Star Plus Channel television. Keep checking chopnews for more information

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