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Ana Walshe Case: Know About The Missing Massachusetts Mom


Ana Walshe case: A 39, a mother of three children from Massachusetts, went missing after she had dinner with her husband on New Year’s Eve. This case is under investigation for over two weeks.

Although Walshe was not found, searches for her were unsuccessful. The investigation also extended beyond Cohasset to include other areas in the state.

On Tuesday, January 17, authorities announced that Ana Walshe’s husband Brian Walshe was charged with her murder. He has pleaded guilty.

Although police have found some physical evidence that they are investigating, Ana Walshe has not been located. Here are the facts so far.

Who is Ana Walshe?

Ana Walshe Case

Ana Walshe’s friend Alissa Kirby described her as “a loving husband and mother to, she always said, ‘three beautiful sons'”.

While the Walshe family lives in Cohasset, 45 minutes from Boston, Ana Walshe worked in Washington, D.C., CBS Boston reported. According to police, the family owned a car and a townhouse in Washington.

Friends say that Ana Walshe is a busy worker and was also involved in a Newton-based organization for immigrants called the Sky International Center.

Three of the Walshes’ young boys, aged 2, 4, and 6, are currently in the custody of state’s Department of Children and Families.

What date was Ana Walshe reported as missing?

Ana Walshe was reported as missing on January 4. In a press conference , Chief William Quigley stated that it was “simultaneously” reported by Brian Walshe and employees at her Washington, D.C., workplace.

Officially, we discovered (Wednesday), that she was gone. “We suspected that she might have disappeared Tuesday,” Alissa Kirby (a friend who lives in Washington), told CBS Boston .

According to police, Ana Walshe was last seen at Ana Walshe’s home on January 1. According to her husband, she was said to have taken a rideshare to Boston’s Logan International Airport in order to fly to Washington, D.C., however, there is no evidence to support this claim. Quigley stated that they could not also confirm that she was picked up from the vehicle.

Quigley stated that Brian Walshe claimed he didn’t see his wife leave their house as he was asleep. Quigley stated that another family member saw her in the house at around 4 or 5 AM, but he didn’t explain who it was.

Quigley stated that “we’re not entirely sure” why Ana Walshe disappeared between the time she was last seen and the time she was reported missing. It seems that Ana Walshe was working in D.C., and it is not unusual for her to work long hours without being able to contact her family right away. It seems that this is the case.

Ana Walshe was married to Brian Walshe. Why was Brian Walshe taken into custody?

Ana Walshe’s husband Brian Walshe was in home confinement when she disappeared, as a result of a federal conviction that involved a scheme to buy fake Andy Warhol paintings.

CBS Boston reported that he pleaded guilty in wire fraud, interstate transport for a scheme of defrauding, possession of converted goods, and an unlawful monetary transaction.

According to the station, his house arrest bracelet did not have GPS tracking. He also had an exemption that allowed him and his wife to send their three sons to school.

Quigley stated in a press conference that these charges were not connected to Ana Walshe’s disappearance.

Initial police statements stated that Brian Walshe was cooperating in their investigation into the disappearance of his wife. However, he was arrested on Jan. 8 for misleading investigators.

The arrest was announced by the Norfolk District Attorney’s Office.

He stated that police had “probable cause” to believe that Brian Walshe had lied to police investigators during the investigation.

According to CBS Boston , he pleaded not guilty and was placed on $500,000 bail.

January 17, Norfolk District Attorney Michael W. Morrissey announced the intention to indict Brian Walshe for his wife’s death.

Brian Walshe was arrested the next day for murder and other charges and entered a plea not guilty. He was placed on bail.

What have the results of the investigation into Ana Walshe’s disappearance revealed?

As the investigation progresses, more information about Brian Walshe’s movements since his wife was last seen has been revealed.

Court documents from his arraignment show that Walshe was captured on surveillance camera footage buying $450 worth of cleaning supplies at a home improvement shop while wearing a disposable mask with gloves on Jan. 2, two days after Ana Walshe was reported missing, but one day after her last sighting.

Brian Walshe told police that he went to a pharmacy and a supermarket, but there was no evidence, Assistant Norfolk District Attorney Lynn Beland stated in the hearing.

Another surveillance video captured him at a juice shop that same day.

CBS Boston’s investigative teams reviewed video footage showing Brian Walshe close to a dumpster at a Swampscott liquor store. CBS Boston sources said that there was no evidence.

Multiple other locations have been searched for physical evidence, including the couple’s Cohasset home and the woods behind it.

According to CBS Boston, a broken knife and some blood were found in the basement of the house. However, it is not known who it was.

Investigators also discovered trash bags containing blood, a hatchet and a hacksaw at a Peabody transfer station, Massachusetts. 

Sources told CBS Boston’s investigative group. Peabody is located approximately 46 miles from Cohasset.

Sources informed CBS Boston’s investigative unit that Brian Walshe’s car was impounded and had signs of recent cleaning.

CBS Boston reports that police are looking into an August 2014 incident in which Ana Walshe (who was not yet married) claimed someone threatened her and her friends with their deaths.

The station viewed a Washington, D.C. police investigation and found that she claimed that Brian Walshe threatened her over the phone, but she did not cooperate with the investigation.

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