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An Essential Guide to Finding Your Perfect Fur Throw Blanket


A fur throw pillow is a well-needed addition to your bed or couch. It keeps you warm; they are cost-effective and ensure you enjoy those lovely snuggles. In this guide, we will review Everlasting comfort’s fur throw blankets and why we consider them the best in the market.

Fur faux blankets are the whole package when it comes to comfort. They are super stylish, feather-soft, warm, and not so heavy. The fur blanket has made a comeback in the interior design world and can go with any room.

Choosing quality fur faux gets you durability, texture, and the feeling of feal fur. Sometimes, companies use artificial fur, so no animals are harmed in the process. Every time you feel these blankets, you immediately feel the fluffy and silky softness on your skin. 

Hidden stitches ensure you enjoy a sophisticated lool that works perfectly with your home’s decor. 

Who Needs A Faux Fur Throw?

A faux fur throw serves the same purpose as any other blanket. However, throw pillows are more lightweight, and in this case, they are produced with a fur-like finishing. Unlike duvets and quilts, which are heavier or layered, throw blankets are smaller in dimension, making them easier to place on your lap or shoulders.

It is also easier to carry around, making them perfect for picnics, movie dates, etc. if you struggle with insomnia, a throw pillow may be precisely what you need. Its comfort and warmth help you fall asleep quicker and rest peacefully. Their compactness makes them easy to place over your laps, shoulders, or on top of your duvet. 

Throw blankets can also be used as a style piece or decorative item in your home. Thanks to its many designs, sizes, and textures, you can use them to brighten up your living room or bedroom. Throw pillows are usually scattered over the back of your couch for a casual look, or they can be neatly folded and kept. 

It isn’t uncommon to see throw blankets being used as a stylish way to cover or protect the bed and luxurious furniture from pets or messy individuals. After all, it’s far easier to wash a throw pillow than to clean a stain off the couch. This is why everyone needs a throw pillow. 

Choosing the right size

Throw pillows are meant to be convenient, which means they should be big enough to meet your needs, but not so big they feel too bulky. While duvets and other blankets come in twin to king sizes, a throw pillow is mainly made for a few persons. 

Manufacturers offer a range of sizes so you can get a throw pillow big enough for just yourself or a bigger size for you and someone. It is also possible to request one big enough to snuggle your entire family. 

The freedom to choose any size makes it easy to pair with any piece of furniture in your home and meet your specific needs. 

When choosing a throw, you need to know precisely how you plan on using it. Do you want a throw that drapes over the couch, how big should it be to wrap your shoulders, or do you want one for full-body coverage? 

If you plan on getting a faux fur throw for your bedroom or guest room, check the size of your bed before placing your order. A general rule of thumb is to order a size slightly smaller than your duvet so it doesn’t cover the whole bed. 

Choose the right material

There are several throw materials to choose from depending on your needs. Some users prefer to focus on style or function. Everlasting comfort’s throw focuses on both. One of its faces is covered in soft fur, and the other is silky smooth. This allows users to turn faces depending on what they need at that moment. 

Made from quality materials, a throw pillow should maintain its functionality and durability for a long time. 

Choosing the right design

Throw blankets are popular interior designs pieces that come in an abundance of patterns, colors, and textures. While they all serve the same purpose, different designs add something unique to each blanket. 

When designing your home, it is essential to pay attention to how it looks and feels as it will determine what type of throw you should get. Do you want something that blends with your furniture? Or do you prefer something that pops?

Make sure to coordinate your throw pillows with other elements in your home, such as your pillows, curtains, beddings, and carpet. However, don’t be afraid to try something out of the box when choosing a throw. 

Maintaining your Throw Blanket

Now that you’ve found a throw blanket you like, you need to maintain it properly so it lasts longer and serves you better. Bed throws are often neglected when compared to other types of linen. Like other clothing and bedding, throw blankets get dirty and need to be washed. 

To lengthen the lifespan of your throw, you should wash wear them every few weeks or months, depending on the material and the situation of your home. When you have pets, it’s wiser to wash your throw blankets every month. 

We recommend washing with cold water in a washing machine for general cleaning. If there are tough stains, use a spot treatment. Once you’re done washing, let it dry, preferably out of direct sunlight, to avoid wear and tear or fading. After every wash, your fur Faux throw pillow should look fresh and clean and feel soft.