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Who Is Albert Omstead From Cobra Kai? Know His Death Cause


Albert worked in the camera and electrical departments for the show. Surprisingly, his job title seemed to correspond to who he was in life – best boy. Prior to joining Cobra Kai, he worked on some of Hollywood’s most intriguing shows.

The projects he worked on, such as Sleepy Hollow, Stranger Things, Atlanta, The Walking Dead, and Creepshow, nearly mirror Albert’s personality. In this article we have discussed about Albert Omstead’s  in detail, his death cause, family and more. Follow chopnews to get more updates

What was Albert Omstead’s cause of death?

Albert Omstead died on July 19, 2021, in his Atlanta home as a result of a bizarre accident.

When he returned home from working on the set of Cobra Kai, tragic events occurred.

Omstead began repairing a leak in the garage when he returned home.

A retaining wall unexpectedly crumbled and crashed on top of Omstead while addressing the garage leak.

Omstead was trapped by debris from the garage retaining wall, and the production expert died as a result of his injuries.

“Instantaneously, the entire thing just collapsed on top of him,” his brother-in-law, Scott Wachtel, told news source 11 Alive.

“The garage door was locked, and a van was parked right here (in front of the garage), so he couldn’t run this way (towards garage), and he couldn’t go this way (away from garage) because the remainder of the wall was crumbling over here, so he had nowhere to go,” he said.

What did Netflix stars have to say about the death of Albert Omstead?

Albert Omstead has worked on several Netflix and television shows.

Omstead has worked on a variety of projects, including Stranger Things, Atlanta, The Walking Dead, Sweet Magnolias, and Creepshow.

Gaten Matarazzo, who plays Will on Stranger Things, paid tribute to him on Instagram.

“Sending love and prayers to the Omstead family,” the actor said in the caption.

Gaten went on to say: “A fireball of a man who is witty, kind, and hardworking. I’m sending my love to Que, his wife, and his five children.”

“He is a prime illustration of the incredible, and vast community that it takes to develop a performance like this,” he continued.

Albert Omstead was honoured in the seventh episode of Cobra Kai’s fourth season, which was devoted to him.

Albert Omstead’s Family

Albert and Que Omstead were married until Albert’s unexpected death.

Albert and Que had four stepchildren and one biological child together.

Albert’s obituary explains how dedicated he was to his role as a father.

“He had a heart of solid gold, the intelligence of a mathematician, and the self-discipline of Master Splinter,” according to his obituary, “but most significantly, he was a loving Papi to his children and a beautiful husband to his bride.”

“He is survived by his husband, Que Omstead, and their children, Frankie, Rowan, Liam, Aidan, and Nev, as well as his two sisters, Ruthie Wachtel and Jenny Pampalon, and his parents, Larry and Imelda Omstead,” according to Albert’s obituary.

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